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Anonytun to be officially shut down: See why

We woke up to a sad notification from anonytun VPN to the sudden discontinuing of its services to users.

Anonytun VPN have been a great free VPN which is used mostly for MTN free net tweak and more. 
VPN (Virtual Private Network)
A virtual private network extends a private network across a public network, and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. Wikipedia

AnonyTun is a popular free Android VPN app developed by Art Of Tunnel. The VPN app is most preferred  Android VPN tool because of its multiple protocols (TCP, SSL and HTTP), unlimited bandwidth, fast servers, and multiple options to create a strong injection for free Internet access (Telecommunication Loopholes).
We wondered why the sudden discontinuation of the Application and we gathered useful informations regarding the action. 

Here is the major reason of its discontinuation!

The developer of Anonytun was out to say that users who make use of the application tends to always report ads displayed on the app as inappropriate and finds way in patching the application to remove ads displayed. He also said that the ads displayed is definitely to generate revenue that helps to renew and update app servers which enables we the users to experience fast connection and stability.
He then said if things doesn't change, that he would have no option than to discontinue the application. 

You can download ANONYTUN vpn and help show some love just to support the developer. 
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