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How to identify deleted whatsapp status on WhatsApp MOD

We all know using a mod version makes whatsapp more fun filled and indeed cool with its amazing premium features, compared to that of the official whatsapp πŸ˜₯.  Whatsapp MOD has lots of features and this is what makes it outstanding and mostly preferred and used right now.
Previous observed that 85% of my contacts use unofficial whatsapp also known as (Whatsapp MOD).

Carried out a research for about a month, going through all contacts, sending messages and trying to delete them late just for me to find out those of my contacts I was able to delete messages sent for everyone.  I was in shock when it came out that 85% of my contacts where all MOD freaks because I was unable to delete for everyone.

Back to business of the post, most contacts are fond of deleting whatsapp status always, but since we are Mod users, we obviously don't get affected because for sure we are going to see it and even download itπŸ˜‚. Its fun I must say using WhatsApp MOD. For those who wish to identify them, here it isπŸ‘‡! 

How to know deleted whatsapp status

For those using MOD versions of whatsapp, it is easy to identify.
Look at the top left side of the post and you should see a circle crossed with a line.


That icon the arrow is pointing at shows that particular status has been deleted. But yet local man using a MOD version can view it for long 24hoursπŸ˜‚. 

Whereas this is how a valid status update should be

Here you noticed no icon is displayed, meaning the status is live. 
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