How To stop Auto-renewal On Glo Data subscription

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How To stop Auto-renewal On Glo Data subscription

Its annoying when your planned airtime is been used up for auto data renewal of subscription.
I remembered doing a day data plan and after that day I recharged N1000 to do a monthly sub, was about subscribing for the monthly plan when I got a message that my auto renewal of N100 daily plan was successful. I felt like crying, funny enough it was in the night and I had no other option than to pause all plans till the next day. 
The fact that you get double the size of your original Glo data plan when you subscribe to auto renewal is one of the major benefit. Yet most folks don't find it cool! So today I got an idea on how to disable Auto-renewal on Glo. 
No need to worry if you are already subscribed to it or not, lets go straight now.

How To Stop / Cancel Auto-renewal On Glo Data Subscription 
In oder To disable and cancel data auto-renewal on your Glo Sim, kindly follow steps below.

⚫Go to SMS/Message Application 
⚫Compose and send the keyword  ‘CANCEL’ to 127 while the plan is still ACTIVE
πŸ”œYou should get a response in regard to a successful optioning out of Glo data auto-renewal.
That simple to stop πŸ›‘ being annoyed over auto renewal feature! 

Note: Optioning out of the auto renewal offer will automatically stop πŸ›‘ double data of your subscription. 
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