Instagram getting better in the game than whatsapp

The new Instagram dark mode feature could definitely beat WhatsApp.
Dark Modes have become increasingly most known in previous year and now, with Apple integration of the gloomier aesthetic on its iPhones, iPads and Mac operating systems.

We also heard and saw that Microsoft also has a Dark Mode built inside Windows 10 and for sure Google recently added such a feature to its newest Android 10 operating system.

When enabled on either Android or iOS, Dark mode makes it easy for users to stay long on their device withoutsstraining the eyes, google also confirms dark mode saves battery life on devices with OLED panels.

We already got thousands of applications with white theme offering option to switch over to dark mode. Yet we are still anticipating to hear from whatsapp and Instagram officially.

Nevertheless, it seems Instagram is working to the demand of its fans desperately wanting to turn its lights off and here we go.

XDA Developers recently noticed a Dark Theme has made its way into a new alpha update for Instagram. As you would expect, the app replaces bright whites with deep blacks across all of its menus. This sounds interesting and cool for users! 
We got some few images from the source.
Though we still anticipate for a release date for WhatsApp and Instagram dark mode feature.–  in as much they got something up, we all anticipate for it sooner than expected and for sure would be rolling first before whatsapp. 

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