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Shocking: Six Things You Didn't Know About Google Search

Pretty did you know Google search can do lots than just to search.
Google Search’s Web, Image, Video, News, Maps and More amazing features you get to find out today after reading through.

Here are few amazing things Google search can do:

1. Google search lyrics of your favourite songs:

You can find the lyrics to your favourite songs without stressing your self playing the music over and over again.

2. Search by voice

Funny enough you actually didn't know this!  Ability to search Google by speaking to your device when you click on the microphone icon. Just say what you want to search for, and get to see how Google reveals lots of results based on your search command. Simply check on the right hand side of the Google search bar to find the microphone icon. Go ahead, tap and speak.

3. Search health conditions

Are you sick and wondering what to do, wanting to know more about the signs or more healthy tips. Google Search is here for you to check on your health condition and relevant health knowledge, providing a fast reveal of the condition, its symptoms and possible treatment.

4. Find jobs faster on search

Searching for a job got more easier with Google search 🔎. Worry less of moving about looking and seeking for jobs everyday with your certificates all enclosed in a file. Obviously there is lots of stress keeping track with new jobs availability. Google search is available to quickly get you all available jobs that meets your area of profession. How it works, simply search for a job and the specific area e.g (office job vacancies in Port Harcourt). Now you should get all details of the job, such as job title, location, whether the job is full-time, part-time or an internship will be included.
Now its your choice to apply for which you think is worth it and more convenient. 

Using Google Maps integration, you can also search for jobs in any place that you can find on the map, and if you are signed in, you can even see how long it will take to commute from home. You can also subscribe to push notifications just in case new job alerts gets available.

5. Google the weather

I obviously see this as a daily search before going out for daily activities, just to be sure of what the weather condition is going to be in those specific areas I would visit. Planning your day without checking on the weather condition is really a bad idea you know right. Asking Google what the weather will be like wherever you will be heading to lets you know if you will be needing an umbrella or a pair of sunglasses and for sure aguide in your choice of clothing. So you don't actually put on a white when its going to be a rainy ☔ day. 

Imagine traveling to Lagos from Port Harcourt and you wish to know if its safe to go that day, you can simply go to google and search e.g (Weather condition at Lagos), then you should see the current condition of the weather.

6. About yourself

Of course Google keeps track of all you do on social medias e.g (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Snapchat, Websites, Gmail and lots more). If you wish to know how much you are known on the web and where your name have been mentioned on the internet, simply head to Google and search for your name/nickname. Google search will provide all related informations regarding the search command.

Hope it was worth going through?
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