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Recharge and get paid the new oil well: HOW DOES RECHARGE AND GET PAID WORK? See how

Recharge and get paid offers one of the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria today. New members joining the program are called distributors and are placed in a 3x10 forced matrix that allows members to earn a residual income even when they stop working.


(1) Instant Registration Bonus - 20%.
(2) Instant Direct Referral Bonus - 20%.
(3) Instant Indirect Referral Bonus 10% - 1%.


Registration is at six (6) different categories shown below with their various cost;

# Plan Name / Categories Registration Price
1 Executive Platinum Member ₦100,000
2 Platinum Member ₦50,000
3 Diamond Member ₦40,000
4 Gold Member ₦30,000
5 Silver Member ₦20,000
6 Bronze Member ₦10,000
7 Basic Member ₦5,000


There are different benefits attached to you in selecting your package. Once you register and you are approved you will see your registration bonus and PV (Point Value) in line with your chosen package.

The Details Are Shown Below:


Choose ur preferred registration package

  1. Basic Plan, ₦5k - You get ₦1k bonus + 20PV. You earn Bonus+PV from team members for 5 generations._
  2. Bronze Plan, ₦10k - You get ₦2k bonus + 40PV. You earn Bonus+PV from team members for 6 generations._
  3. Silver Plan, ₦20k - You get ₦4k bonus + 80PV. You earn Bonus+PV from team members for 7 generations._
  4. Gold Plan, ₦30k - You get ₦6k bonus + 120PV. You earn Bonus+PV from team members for 8 generations._
  5. Diamond Plan, ₦40k - You get ₦8k bonus + 160PV. You earn Bonus+PV from team members for 9 generations._
  6. Platinum Plan, ₦50k - You get ₦10k bonus + 200PV. You earn Bonus+PV from team members for 10 generations._

After registration, what next?

You'll have an e-wallet account, with your username & password after registration. With your e-wallet account, you can do any of the following transactions

  • Buy Airtime & Data
  • Pay Cable TV Subscriptions
  • Pay NEPA Bills
  • Transfer & Receive E-wallet Funds
  • Withdraw E-wallet Funds To Ur Local Bank
  • Upgrade To A Higher Package
  • Pay For New Member Registrations
  • Monitor All Ur Transactions

Compensation Plan of RAGP:

Take your time to Study the Sample Compensation Plan of RAGP below and Get to Work. 

Remember that you get paid on every single transaction you make on 

◼Airtime is *2%* 
◼Data is *10%*
◼Cable TV sub is *#40*
◼PHCN is *#40*

Remember that you also get paid on every single transaction your downlines make on

◼Airtime is *0.35%*
◼Data is *1%*
◼Cable TV sub is *#10*
◼PHCN is *#10*


I will be using 2Naira as the 2% bonus of 100N Airtime you buy, then 10Naira as the 10% of your data and #40 bonus of any TV subscription or NEPA bill payments you made personally and the one your downlines buy. I'm also going to use at least 5 (or any number you decide to recruit) persons per recruitment to 10th levels or generation deep.
E.g. Let's say You register 5 Persons and those 5persons go ahead to register 5, 5 persons each like you did to your 5th level ( at least)

See the Maths here

1. 5
2. 5*5= 25
3. 25*5= 125
4. 125*5= 625
5. 625*5= 3125 (Although, this is not compulsory because it doesn't stop your business if you base on sales alone) 

Your Total Downlines for 5 levels deep is 3,905 people!!👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Now check the sweet Part here

If these people buy at least N100 airtime daily u get 0.35% of the N100 which is N0.35.
◼3,905*N0.35= N1,873.75 daily.
N1873.75*30days=N33,592.5 monthly. 
N33, 592.5*12months= N394,530 in a year on Airtime purchased by people u dnt know!😱

If they buy data worth of N1000 monthly you get 1% which is N10 each. 

◼3,905 *N10= N39,050 Monthly. 
 N39,050*12months= *N468,600* in a year on data purchased by people u don't know !😱.
If the same people purchased cable TV monthly u get N10 from each transaction.

◼3,905 *(10N)= N39,050 Monthly. 
 N39,050*12months= *N468,600* in a year on cable TV subscriptions purchased by people u don't know !😱.
Now if the same people pay for electricity bills u get N10 per transaction. 

◼3,905 *N10= N39,050 Monthly. 
 N39,050*12months= *N468,600* in a yr for electricity bills purchased by people u don't know !😱.

Now, see the Sweetest Part Here!!

Sum them all up, You will be making a Grand Total of N1,800,330 in a year from every single transaction from just your downlines of 👇5 levels deep! 
Now imagine it is deeper than 5! The above sample is just on VTU bonuses ooo, Referral Commission Bonus and Leadership Incentive Bonuses are not even there oooo!! 
Remember that you are still making use of these products yourself and your own commissions are even higher than that of your downlines. 

If 5 persons are too much for you to register, Try working out this sample compensation plan with atleast 3 persons you can register to in turn register 3, 3 persons each to your 5th generation and see the result of just saying YES! to Recharge and Get Paid!!!*

Take your time, Study the above👆Sample Compensation Plan of RAGP , Come up with your game plan and Get to Work💥

With Consistency👌Patience, Persistency, Hardwork, Smartwork and Believing in Yourself that YOU CAN, trust me, you can build your own VTU system users during a period of 2-to-3 years in this lucrative business with just a minimum registration or license fee of 5k and start getting paid for life! whenever you or your downlines make any transaction. 

RAGP is the New OIL WELL
Register NOW!!, Delay maybe dangerous

Our Mission

Recharge and get paid mission is to create wealth for the people. With our superb products and unique compensation plan, we will provide employment opportunities for people to improve their well-being and quality of life.


Contact Onyeyaforo Charles on Whatsapp now for registration process.

Tested and Trusted

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