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How To Make Money From Enjeo Affiliate Program In Nigeria: Review


Enjeo is a free Affiliate Program that allows people to make money from referring friends and selling subscriptions to several digital products. 

There is no information about owners, board members or directors, as well as about the location of Enjeo headquarters. Usually, companies are happy to tell their stories and give credit to the founders. In the “Affiliate Program Terms” document, the state of Nevada is mentioned for dispute resolutions, so we can assume that Enjeo’s offices are located in Nevada.

The company’s homepage doesn’t provide any information about the products. You have to sign up first before you see the list.

About Enjeo Affiliate Program
Currently, offers a lucrative affiliate program. As a limited time bonus, they promise to pay you $10 for each new affiliate or customer you bring into the system. This type of program is known for the ability to spread on the Web with enormous speed, as people try to get referrals and share the information on many social media sites.

Also, Enjeo promises to pay you 5% of all the revenue generated by your Affiliates. If you look at the products page, there are several digital plans sold for $1 (weekly) and the commission for them is listed as “up to $1.25” with frequency up to 6 months. It’s not clear to me how these figures correspond with 5%, but let’s leave it for now.

An Affiliate must be at least 18y old, who has US SSN or EIN. One account per person. Must reside in the US.


Sounds too real to be true right? Believe when we post about it. its REAL and only for a LIMITED TIME.

if you dont have one, you just need your ID and bank account to create. Google your bank's SWIFT/BIC code, you will need it during registeration
  • » At least $1 (#370) in your bank
  • » 2 valid Emails


Click the link HERE to register. 
  • »Enter your name and 1st email address and click on "start earning"
  • »It will bring out your ACCOUNT INFORMATION to fill, fill it.
  • »Then for CONTACT INFORMATION, fill it with any fake US address, phone number and zipcode. (you can google search or click here to get for free US address
  • » On the box where you discovered them copy and input
  • »Now you will be asked to fill your account for payment, this is where your PAYONEER ACCOUNT comes in.
  • Name of Account (Same Name you used while registering your Payoneer account)
  • Routing Number and Account number: xxxxxxxx (Go to your Payoneer account, tap on "Receive" then “Global Payment Service” and tap on “USD” Account option and copy your ROUTING NUMBER and your ACCOUNT NUMBER. (You will only have these after your Payoneer account has been approved.)
  • Now tap on START EARNING to proceed
You will be redirected to where you make the $1 payment.
  • »Tap on ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE MINI PLAN (the link is provided there). 
  • »Enter first name, second name, USE THE 2ND EMAIL ADDRESS and enter your ZIPCODE you previously used in registering on Enjeo Account then proceed.
  • Fill in your card details and make the payment.

Congrats, Thats all.
You will be credited with $21.25 to your Enjeo Account upon completetion within few minutes, and payments will be automatically processed to your PAYONEER ACCOUNT within few hours.

How Can I Refer People To Enjeo and Earn More?
Log in to Enjeo and tap on “AFFILIATE” and copy your personal referral link. Anybody you refer will give you $10 commission rate.

Just to deactivate the $1 weekly charge, check the email sent to the 2nd email address and unsubscribe.

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Let's get to know your own review about the affiliate program using the comment box. 
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