Best VPN to play Call Of Duty in any region: See how

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Best VPN to play Call Of Duty in any region: See how

Wanting to play COD Mobile right now, but not yet available in your region? Worry no more! We have got you covered! Find the best VPN to play Call of Duty Mobile right now, anywhere in the world. I have shared the 2 working VPNs that will work for everyone.

Playing Call of Duty Mobile via VPN

The game has been rolled out for users in India. The gamers in India can see the Install button next to the Call of Duty Mobile in the Play Store now. Other countries are still seeing the pre-register button.
There is no doubt about this game being the best of its genre. COD fans living in other countries have been looking for ways to install this game right now. Since there is a country limitation, the only way to install this game right now is through the use of VPN. 

If you try to open this game from a country other than India, you will either get Authorization Error, Network Error, or the COD Mobile will just be stuck at Getting Version Info screen. 
To avoid all these problems, you are going to need the best VPN app.

Best VPN for Call of Duty Mobile? 

There are lots of VPN apps in the Play Store for Android, but you need a specific VPN for Call of Duty Mobile. Mostly because you need a VPN that has India in its servers list, and you need a VPN that has multiple servers for India. 
So, here are the two best VPN to play Call of Duty Mobile in any country right now.

Proxy Master VPN – Free

Proxy Mater VPN by Hotspot gives you two Indian servers. If one of these servers gives you Network error, you can quickly switch to the 2nd server which will definitely work. There are no limits on the Proxy Master VPN’s bandwidth or speed, which is why its a great choice for a game like COD Mobile. You can download the Proxy Master VPN from the Play Store right now.

Nord VPN – Premium

Nord VPN, it is premium. What’s good here is, you get over 30 Indian servers with servers in all 30 different locations. So, even if 10 servers fail to load Call of Duty Mobile, you still have 20 other servers to give a try to. The ping speed of Nord VPN for the COD Mobile is just perfect. The game doesn’t lag. You can download Nord VPN from here.
You can as well test run lots more VPN with India 🇮🇳 servers to get the game playing.
If any works for you, feel free to update us using the Contact info bellow.

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