NEWS: self-destructing message tested on whatsapp

We have heard of an unreleased version of WhatsApp which includes a Disappearing Messages option that will give users the control to send messages that self-destruct after a set period of time ⌚. This is quite impressive and applauded for! 

The addition in build 2.19.275 of the Android version of the WhatsApp app was spotted on WABetaInfo. This was found within Group chats, the option of messages disappearing is not obviously yet functional, but will definitely be possible to set messages to delete after a certain period of time. Depends on what time the sender sets the destruction.

We definitely know whatsapp isn't the first app with the destructive option, we have other messaging apps, like telegram and also Facebook messenger. Definitely a good thumbs up to whatsapp developers having this in mind! 
Just imagine sending a private document to a contact and you don't actually want it to exceed a particular time interval. 
Here now comes the good part of the self-distrusting message.

Lovers of privacy who recently turned to WhatsApp for the security purpose of its end-to-end encryption, self-destructing message feature definitely cannot be integrated into the app soon enough. For more enhanced privacy and security of messages to be highly achieved, furthermore, possibility to block the copy or screenshotting of chats would also be looked into consideration. For now we don't know if the app developers also have that in mind. 

We are yet to know the date when the feature will be officially available to users on the next app update.
Users are already anticipating for the feature to be officially rolled out.

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