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Google Camera 7.2 on Pixel 3/4 can scan documents, copy, and translate text

Google Camera 7.2 on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 has just added some Lens features, including the ability to scan documents, copy text, and translate languages.
Google Camera 
Considering just how useful Google Lens is, these new camera features will make it even easier to get powerful functions without needing to actually use the dedicated app or having to launch the Google Assistant. Lens leverages the power of Google Search and computer vision to work out and contextualize exactly what you’re pointing your camera toward (via XDA-Developers).

We’ve seen the Google Camera on existing Pixel phones include the ability to detect URLs, email addresses, and QR codes. The latest Google Camera 7.2 update will now pop up with suggestions to scan documents, copy text, and even translate foreign languages.

XDA also notes that the translation feature only appears to be working in English, Spanish, German, Hindi, and Japanese at present. That isn’t the most comprehensive list, but we would expect that to increase over time. Copying text is as easy as pointing at a document or sign, and tapping to focus will bring up the option to “copy text.”
I have been able to confirm that Google Camera 7.2 on the Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 4 XL include the ability to scan documents, copy text, and translate foreign languages, all without needing to load up the standalone Google Lens app. It’s unclear if these additions are reliant on the Pixel Visual Core, or if we’ll see the functionality come to older Pixel phones, too. Triggering the translation pop-up is also a little bit tricky at times, and it only appears to work seven out of the 10 times I’ve tried so far — just something to note.

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