Instagram update: You Can Now Add Music To Your Instagram Story, see how
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Instagram update: You Can Now Add Music To Your Instagram Story, see how

INSTAGRAM always making it fun for users to experience the best and to have a reason to stay put.
Instagram Music story 
The newly added Instagram Music feature, lets users to introduce music to their stories. Trust me, this is really fun and amazing.

This feature was previously available in few countries, but good thing it is now available for everyone and no region restriction.
Without further ado lets just stop and go straight to the point!

How to Add Music To Your Instagram Stories:
This is quite simple and straightforward, no much brain cracking, folloe steps below:
  • Open your Instagram
  • Tap on the story icon at the top (Image guide below) 
  • Now swipe through left, till you get to the music snapshot (image guide below) 
  • Now tap on the music icon above
  • Lists of songs would pop out, kindly use the search button above and search for your desired music.
  • Now tap on the song and it should start playing immediately.
  • You are done, just hold the music icon button and video starts.

Image guide:
Let's get to know how perfect and cool this looks!
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