how to create ssh account for http injector: Best ssh account creator
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how to create ssh account for http injector: Best ssh account creator

SSH and SSL 
The reason for creating your own personal SSH and SSL is to ensure speedy connectivity and fast surfing.
Note that, 
if there are a lot of people on one configuration server, the speed will reduce and you will experience disconnection problems more often!
So, to avoid speed throttle or sudden disconnection, you can easily create your own SSH account server and make use of it alone.

Here are available sites that offer SSL SSH account and which are free:

  • Sshstores
  • Fastssh
  • Akunssh
  • VPN Creator
  • SSH

You can as well search on Google for free SSH SSL websites and create your personal SSH accounts.

After you have created your SSH account and gotten all available details, simply input them correctly to HTTP settings. Follow steps below
VPN creator 
  1. Open your HTTP injector app
  2. tap on “SETTINGS icon (like gear)” 
  3. tap on “SECURE SHELL” and input your SSH information details correctly. 
  • SSH host
  • SSH port
  • SSH username
  • SSH password
Now go back to HTTP home and connect.
Image guide
That is all for now!
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