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How to enable dark mode for Android

Dark Mode on Android 10

One of the big new features of Google’s Android 10 update, which is now live on all Pixel devices and a growing list of other Android phones, is Dark Theme. 
It's essentially a dark mode for your whole device that flips the color palette of all menus and nearly every native Google app, including YouTube and Chrome. It also works with some third-party apps such as Instagram and Reddit – expect the list of supported apps to expand over time too.
Google also says Dark Theme improves visibility for users who are sensitive to bright light, or those with low vision. Plus, it’s generally good practice to avoid having a glaring phone screen in low-light conditions and at night, so it might be worth flicking it on in the evening.
But we're here to show you how to use Dark Theme on your Android device, and if you follow the steps below you'll be able to do that with ease.

How to activate Android 10’s Dark Mode

Method 1: Change your System Settings

You can enable Dark Theme straight from your system settings. All you need to do is tap the settings icon – it’s the little cog in your pull-down notification bar – then hit ‘Display’. 
You’ll see a toggle for Dark Theme: tap to activate it and you've then got it up and running.

Method 2: Quick Settings

If you don’t want to scroll through your settings every time you need Dark Theme, there’s a much quicker option that involves pinning it to your Quick Settings, which are the big tiles that appear when you pull down your notification bar.
To add Dark Theme to your Quick Settings, pull your notification bar all the way down until you see a large grid of tiles. You may need to pull down twice on the notification bar – you want it looking like the picture below. Then, tap the pen icon at the bottom of the drawer 
This will open a separate batch of icons you can add to your tiles (click right on the image above to see what this looks like). 
Hold and drag the Dark Theme icon into the top folder, alongside your WiFi, Airplane Mode and Battery Saver icons, as shown above (the Dark Theme icon is the one in the top-right). If you drop it near the top of the grid, it will also appear in the slimmer icon bar that appears the first time you drag down your notification bar.
Press the back button to exit. You can now turn on Dark Theme by pulling down the notification bar.

The next phones we're expecting to get Android 10 are those from Samsung, LG, OnePlus and Xiaomi. That's because all these companies had several phones in the Android 10 beta program, and which indicates they're primed for a formal rollout for the upgrade.
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