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Predict and win amazing products over 99% off the actual prize - Timium Sports

Timiun campus ambassador
Timiun predict and win (Sports)
Good news always what we deliver and we are sure this is an amazing opportunity to win big with your passion.
Let your passion pay in big and make your folks wow! 
We are introducing to you Timiun Sports which is a very big hit now and as we can tell, it promises to be an amazing opportunity to all betting predictors gurus, just as betting on Timiun sports offers you up to 99% off the product actual prize at successfully predicting total match score correctly.

What is Timiun?

Timiun is a company that brings up different strategy to easy buying and selling. We basicly work as a team to make sure these strategies are put in place to make goods and services avaliable to the customer.
You can learn more about Timiun by visiting their official site www.timiun.com.

How can I register with Timiun Sports?

Timium predict and win
Registration is simple: follow steps below! 
  1. Click HERE to sign up
  2. Once the page opens, navigate to where you see Register, at the top of the page as shown in image below.
    Timiun sports Registration
  3. Now registration page will open, kindly fill in your details correctly (image sample below)
    Registration form
  4. Once done, tap on register and you will be redirected back to Timiun.com where you can find options like (wallet, My account) etc. Image below
    Registration successfull
Congratulations you have been registered successfully to sports.timiun.com.
That is definitely not all, how about funding your wallet to get Started?

Stopping here without telling you how to fund your wallet would be like giving you fishing hook and not teaching you how to fish with it. So, lets get started!

How to fund my Sport Timiun wallet?

Glad to let you know that Timiun made it so easy by providing you two options on how to fund your wallet and Droidvilla Tech will swiftly guide you through each steps respectively.

Two ways of funding your Timiun sports wallet!

  1. Via voucher
  2. Via card payment (Paystack integrated)
I had to specify the payment source just in case we have got some folks with trust issues.

Funding Timiun sports wallet via voucher!

Its quite easy just as you only need to insert the voucher code and you are good. Here is how to!
  • Login successfull, simply navigate to My Wallet account at the top bar of the web page as instructed by the arrow sticker. 
  • To fund your wallet using vouchers, simply tap on the (Fund with voucher) and simply input voucher pin correctly to the input box as seen in the image below. 
  • Once successfull simply refresh page and you are done.
    Funding wallet
    Successfull using voucher

Funding Timiun sports wallet via card!

If you wish to fund from your bank account, kindly
  •  Insert just the exact amount you wish to fund your wallet with and proceed with all prompted notifications. Once successful you should get your account funded in seconds.
    Select preferred way of payment 
    Input card details correctly and tap on pay
Congrats after successfully funding your wallet via card payment!
Once you have enough funds to strike a game, simply go to home page, select betting options and available deals to bet on would be displayed.
Timiun predict and win 99% off
Predict and win amazing products over 99% off the actual prize with Timiun sports.
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Wish to become a Timiun Campus ambassador in your school?

Tap on images below to register!
Timiun campus ambassador
Tap on image to register now
Represent Timiun in your school today and get to be a unique brand ambassador.
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