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2 Ways to make your android device faster 2020

Make your android device faster
We previously made a post on how to speed up your android device and we have observed most persons still don't get the trick about the method, so we had a new addition to previous steps and we decided to get them all set for you today.

Sometimes we all experience delay when using our android phones, especially when we activate our data connection. This can be observed mainly on low end devices! Not forgetting the fact most Android devices that gets to have 2gig of RAM still experience such.
Good thing remains, just as it can be remedied with the following android developer tweaks.

Table of content:

  1. Disable Windows Animation Scale
  2. Disable Apps Notifications
  3. How can I disable application notifications?
  4. Summary! 

Disable Windows Animation Scale

Before doing this, make sure your developer options is enabled.

  • If it's not enabled,  kindly go to Settings and navigate to About phone, then tap on Build number several times to enable it.
Most Android devices gets up to seven times tapping before developer option is enabled.
  • Now go to Settings, navigate to newly added feature - - - Developer options, and scroll down to where you can find Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.
  • Finally, Navigate on each of the animation options and disable them by turning them off respectively.
Don't forget to leave Developer options turned on to keep the animations disabled.

Disable Apps Notifications

Lets say it happens on a norms, but rare to those using high end devices.
When we turn on our Data we get series of notifications from most of our social medias,slowing down our Android device and this feels frustrating, most especially when we have an urgent message to reply or multi-task to deal with at that instant in time.

Disabling each application notifications will make our phones faster.

How can I disable application notifications? 

You can do this, by going to
  • Settings
  • Apps then click on the application you wish to disable notification, lets say facebook then navigate to notifications and disable it.


After going through this article be rest assured of a smooth android application processing and experience android navigating speed.

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