Don't use 4g to browse always - See why

4g browse
Don't use 4g to browse always - See why

Don't use 4g to browse always - See why

Have you ever thought of why your android device gets so hot quickly or why your data finishes too soon?

Despite the hotness when 4g is activated, the use of 4g is definitely not a must use and also not a constant use.

4G stands for Fourth - Generation of cellular communications, which offers speeds that are about 10 times faster than third-generation (3G).

To save more data, keep your device temperature normal and to avoid unnecessary automatic updates, it is preferable to always deactivate 4g mode.

The main purpose of 4g is specifically for huge download, streaming of videos, quick access to websites, video calls and voice calls.

Those who always get their 4g activated always complain major about data consumption and hotness of device.

We have gotten few tips to help save more data and also to keep your device temperature to normal always.

Here are some tips to save data and also avoid over heating of device!

  • To avoid data consumption it is advisable to activate 3g mode only whenever you are in for chats and website search. This would help keep the network on a lock to 3g only!
It also reduces data consumption!

  • You are advised to only use 4g mode if and only if you have a movie to stream, match to stream, huge files to download, multiple apps to update on playstore etc. By so doing, you are sure of what consumes your data and also keeps the device okay.

In summary, the use of 4g is definitely an upgrade and upgrade requires more data usage, more battery consumption and hotness of device. So if you wish to keep your device healthy and ok, do ensure to take down this article serious just as this is the best option dropped for free.

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