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Fix laptop shutdown unexpectedly 2020

Laptop shutdown unexpectedly droidvilla
Fix laptop shutdown unexpectedly 2020
Have you ever wondered why your laptop trips off by itself?
We must say it is totally frustrating and annoying when processing a task on our laptops and all of a sudden system trips off immediately. By unexpected shutdown, you get to start task afresh if the system application is not set to auto save.

We shall be discussing on causes and ways on how to resolve laptop overheating and unexpected shutdown while performing tasks. 
Before you ask why does your laptop trips off unexpectedly, we have already made it available below!

Table of content:

  1. Why does my laptop shutdown during huge work?
  2. Can system overheating be remedied?
  3. What to do to avoid laptop shutdown unexpectedly:
  4. What happens when this paste dries up!
  5. Here are other options to stop laptop overheating and tripping off

Why does my laptop shutdown during huge work?

Why trip off (shutdown) during high performances?


All laptops have a processor, which has a specific working condition and once the condition is not carried out or work load is much for it to perform, it triggers your system to turn off unexpectedly.

Furthermore, It has a temperature limit which it can carry, so when it gets over heated it trips off our system, to prevent further future damages.

Its just like a furnace, when it gets to its maximum temperature or the temperature recorded, it trips off.
Most times, overworking your laptop can as a result cause overheating. Installing applications meant for high end systems.
Imagine installing fifa 2019 on a system not even a core nor with a good dedicated video graphics memory. Also, how about installing grandtheft on a 2gig ram system.
Mad oh!!! Another tori4africa­čśé

Can laptop (system) shutdown be remedied?

Obviously, Yes of course. 
If yes, what can be done? 

What to do to avoid laptop shutdown unexpectedly:

Most processors problem is always high temperature (overheating), that's why our laptop manufacturers gave a place for pasting, that is applying processor paste for minimising heat. We previously discussed about processors paste, you can 

How about if the processor paste dries up? 

What happens when this paste dries up!

The only solution is to apply a new processor paste on your processor, and this can be achieved by visiting a qualified laptop engineer.

Here are other options to stop laptop overheating and tripping off

Other things to do includes:
  • Faulty Fan
Also check if your cooling fan is faulty, if faulty please replace.
You could find out yourself by placing your palm in the direction of your laptop fan position to feel the air coming out. In some cases you can hear some fanning sounds in boot process. If you just don't want stress, visit a laptop doctor for check up (Preferable). 

Cooling fan is necessary for processor and general cooling.
If shutdown persist, then I recommend overhauling by total servicing.

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