Top 5 Amazing features of Android 11

Top features Android 11
Android 11
Early this year, Google jumped the gun a bit by launching Android 11 Developer Preview 1 on February 19 — the soonest we've ever gotten a new preview.

Android 11 is bound to change and be tweaked a lot over the coming months, but with the first developer preview, here are the 5 Features you need to know.

Top 5 Amazing Features Of Android 11

Top features Android 11
Android 11
  1. Chat bubbles
  2. Notification conversations
  3. Send images from notifications
  4. One time permissions
  5. Mute vibrations for camera app

  • Chat bubbles
Android 11 has arrived, and we have been patiently waiting for this feature.

With the new Bubbles API for notifications, any messaging/chat app can now use bubbles to keep conversations more easily accessible.

Similar to what we've had with Facebook Messenger for years, the Bubbles API showcases bubbles on the side of your screen for hopping in and out of conversations without having to open the entire application.

When you tap on a bubble, you'll see your past messages and a text field to send a new one. You'll need to open the app to access all of the features and settings, but for just firing off a quick message, bubbles are a great touch.

  • Notification conversations
Let talk about messages, Android 11 also brings a new "dedicated conversation section" in your notification shade.

With this, you'll see any ongoing conversations you have across your various messaging apps. Just like with bubbles, the idea is to make it as easy as possible to keep in touch with your contacts no matter what you're doing.

This might seem unnecessary as it essentially serves the same purpose of bubble, but trying to make messages more accessible is fine by us.

  • Send images from notifications
Android 11 is different in that it has the ability to send images directly from a notification.

If an app supports copy/paste for images, you're able to insert pictures and send them with your message without having to open the full application. Once again, we have another tool that expands functionality outside of the core app.

  • One time permissions
One of the most important features of Android 10 was its revamped handling of app permissions, and that's something Google is on again focusing on with Android 11. Specifically, you can now grant apps certain permissions on a one time basis.

One time permissions are offered for the most sensitive requests, including access to your location, microphone, and camera. If an application asks for any of these, you can give it temporary access for that one instance.

The minute you move away from the app, the permissions are revoked and will need to be re-approved the next time you use it.

  • Mute vibrations for camera app
Let's assume a situation that you've likely been in before. You have the camera app open on your phone and you are either recording a video or trying to compose a great photograph. Everything is going smoothly until you're interrupted with a vibration for a notification.

To prevent this from ever happening again, Android 11 introduces new APIs that mute vibrations from ringtones, alarms, and notifications anytime the camera app is open.

In other words, you can enjoy blissful Photoshoot and video capture with no interruptions of any kind.

However, Android 11 has so many features, but I found these once to be interesting and catching.

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