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Download YouTube video
YouTube Video downloader
How about I say you could download that hilarious/toon/skit/MusicVideo and Movies YouTube video you are watching directly to your android device.

Gone are the days you just stream a movie on YouTube and just let it go, in this article you will be taught on how to download YouTube videos directly to your internal or external memory storage of your device.

Downloading the YouTube video is certainly the best just as you also have the option of selecting the download quality of the video.

How to download YouTube video?

1. Open YouTube application
2. Kindly search for the video and open it
3. Now tap on the share icon at the right hand side of the video.
Download YouTube video
YouTube video share download button 
Download YouTube video
Copy link YouTube video
4. Finally select copy link 📋

Next step

1. Go to your browser (UC, OperaMini, Firefox, Chrome) etc.
2. Now go to address bar and input url ( ssyoutube.com )
3. Tap on the address input bar of ssyoutube.com
4. Now clear and paste the just copied url of the YouTube video.

Download YouTube video
Ssyoutube download

5. Tap on the blue right angle sign and select the video quality from the available options.
Download YouTube video
Tap on the blue thick
YouTube Download options
6. Finally, tap on the quality and wait for it to download.

Finally you have just downloaded the YouTube video directly to your android device.
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  1. The working with video on this channel can be quite simple if you follow all the necessary recommendations. Uploading the files from YouTube will be relevant

  2. It turned out to be that simple. And you don`t have to download some strange software to download the video from Youtube.


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