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Recover Hacked Facebook Account
Recover Hacked Facebook Account
Just if you are a victim of hacked facebook account and you are wanting to recover the hacked facebook account back, below is a step by step guide on how to recover hacked facebook account in 2020.
Facebook hacking is now a day to day occurrence and it is obviously letting everyone scared of joining Facebook.

    Following the recent cases of hacked accounts and hackers using the hacked account for fraudulent purposes, droidvilla tech has come with yet another amazing solution on how to recover hacked account in 5 simple steps.

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    Most victims always go online making search on how to recover hacked facebook accounts but to no avail.

    Just if you want the hacked account shut down to avoid further fraudulent acts, the best immediate action is to report the hacked facebook account as soon as you notice your account has been compromised.

    Block The Hacked Facebook Account By Reporting:

    Mark in his own end has made it quite easy to either block the hacked account immediately by telling 5 - 10 friends to report the hacked account. By doing so, the said hacked Facebook account will be taken off permanently on facebook.
    But just if you wish to recover the account back, here is what to do.

    How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account In Just 5 Minutes

    Before getting to recover back the hacked facebook account, kindly follow steps below
    • Step 1:
    First visit this link.

    • Now click the option "Your account has been Compromised".
    • Then input in your email address, Login name , Full Name or your specified Phone Number used in the account.
    Now, facebook would search for matching users.
    If you still don't see your account, try inputting something else other than the one you entered previously and search again.

    If you entered your phone number and it didn't work try entering your email or Login name.) Your email is most preferable.
    • Step 2:
    Now for this step you have to enter your account's password. Well if you knew the password you won't be here anyway, but since you don't know your new password the Hacker's changed, enter your previous password. Your previous password should be the recent password you use in logging in to facebook before it got hacked. 
    • Step 3:
    After inputting old password, you should get a pop up saying you entered an old password, simply tap on the reset my password button.

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    • Step 4:
    Since your primary email would be changed as well and obviously you don't wish your reset Facebook password link to be sent to the hackers account, so, Click "no longer have access to these?" link.
    • Step 5:
    Farewell, you almost got your hacked facebook account back.
    Now input your new email address that you want facebook to send the password reset link. Also, do ensure you set it as your primary email.
    • Step 6:
    Finally, after getting upto this point, be rest assured your account will be back.
    Follow further steps in prompt pop ups to complete reset process.

    Just if you are having any difficulty, do drop a comment below for further assistance or preferably, join our active whatsapp groups for swift response.

    After going through this procedure and you are not still able to get your hacked facebook account recovered, we have gotten another best and easiest method for getting your hacked facebook account recovered and we are glad to share withbyou the steps in achieving that.

    Best Method In Getting Your Hacked Facebook Account Recovered In 2020

    What happens if the hackers already changed my Facebook phone number and email which is to be used for the recovery process?
    Definitely your phone number and email must have been changed by the Facebook hackers and obviously this is a bad one, but there is certainly hope for you as we are going to be using a recent case study of a victim in getting to show you how to go about the recovery process of the hacked facebook account if the hackers has already changed the email and phone number linked to hacked facebook account.
    Recover hacked facebook account
    Testimony of the hacked account

    Short Story:

    A lady account was hacked on Thursday 4th June 2020, she came across droidvilla post on how to recover hacked facebook account yesterday 5th June 2020 and contacted LegitDroid for further assistance.

    After going through previous steps, to no Avail as the hacker was smart and fast enough to have changed the registered Facebook email and phone number immediately.

    Goodnews, the lady account was recovered that same yesterday 5th June 2020, and the hacker email and phone number was deleted successfully in just 5 minutes. Now she is careful and has further enhanced her Facebook security!

    So without saying much here is Best Method In Getting Your Hacked Facebook Account Recovered In 2020!
    • Open your Gmail account linked to the hacked Facebook account
    • Now find a mail in regard to the recent change of password sent to your by Facebook (You should be able to see the message if your gmail was linked to your facebook account).
      Recover hacked facebook account
    • Tap on Secure Your Account and you will be redirected to facebook checkpoint whrre you can review all recent changes of your hacked facebook account.
      Recover hacked facebook account
    • After hitting the continue button, you will be given three quick options to recover back the hacked facebook account.
      Recover hacked facebook account
    • Select identify photos of friends and proceed. (Recommended) or you choose any of your choice.
    • After successfully identifying all 5 photos of friends, you will be redirected to another screen.
    • Select and delete the phone number and email of the hacker
      Recover hacked facebook account
      Recover hacked facebook account
    • On successfully doing all this, you will be redirected to a fresh page thanking you for making a review of the hacked facebook account.
      Recover hacked facebook account
    • Now tap on Go to news feed and the hacked facebook account is recovered successfully.
      Recover hacked facebook account
      Hacked facebook account recovery successfully

    Image Summary on How to recover hacked facebook account 2020

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    Recover hacked facebook account
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    We are 100% certain this is definitely going to work if and only if your Gmail was linked to the hacked facebook account.
    Please kindly use the share button to help recover someones hacked facebook account.

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