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Activate free mtn 30gb
Free browsing cheat: How to activate Free 30gb data On MTN [imei] 
This lockdown promises to be mad o! Yet another amazing new imei trick on how to activate free MTN 30gb worth of data to enjoy during this Covid-19 lockdown. This trick was just confirmed few hours ago and we are sure we aren't late as we have got you covered on this one too.

In this article we shall be giving you in details how to tweak device imei which was majorly use late 2015 and 2016 in the days of double data bonus, airtel 4gb data bonus, mtn datat 4gb bonus etc.
Without further ado, you can get this tweaking easy by simply following our procedures below! With about 100+available imei available on our telegram channel, you should be sure to get this free 30gb worth of data from MTN.

All we do is simply to tweak your android device to that of MTN Mifi imei which offers all mtn customers who gets the mifi free 30gb worth of data. So we can say " using what you have to get what you want". 

Provided you have got the MIFI imei, you are 100% sure to get this MTN 30gb for free!
So with the help of MTK engineering tool, chameleon, Imei analyzer and exposed imei changer, we should be able to get this tweaked and get the free 30gb mouthwatering data from MTN! 

Requirements To Activate Mtn Free 30GB Cheat

  • New Mtn Sim ( recommended) not more than 1month of Activation
  • Mifi Imel available on our telegram channel here
    Free mtn mifi 30gb imei
    Mifi free 30gb imei 
  • Android Mobile device ( Running on version 5.0 or 6 is highly recommended)
  • mtk engineering tool or chameleon recommended (Available on our telegram channel for download HERE

Why version 5.0 and 6.0 to tweak MTN Mifi 30gb cheat imei

In other for you not to get your phone bricked.
We recommended phone versions of 5.0 and 6.0 for the following reasons below!
  • 1. They are easily rooted and tweaked
  • 2. MTK engineering tool works perfectly well on them
  • 3. Could be easily fixed when bricked
  • 4. Custom ROMs are everywhere
  • 5. High rate of imei tweaking success
  • 6. Old security patch and not the latest which makes it easy to get rooted and tweak. 
Now you know, getting to root your android 7+ will be at a bigger risk because of the newly updated security patch which is definitely too difficult to break through.
You should proceed doing it if you are good in rooting and you know the consequences attached to it.
Don't forget that, this is not just the end of cheat, we shall bring more to you as soon as we get hold of any.
We are always not at rest when we don't have solutions to your queries and worries.

Here is How To Change Your device Imei using chameleon

Ensure your android device is rooted to successfully change your imei! 
  • Go to chameleon app or MTK engineer tool input the imei you picked from our telegram channel above. 
  • Make sure you have analyzed the imel and changed the last four digits of the imei before proceeding. 
  • Input the imei on the space provided on the chameleon app after doing the above step.
  • Now turn on your device airplane mode and switch it off back.
  • When your phone network is up again, simply dial *#06# to confirm if it was changed.
  • If it was successfully tweaked the imei would change to that of the imei you tweaked. 

How to change Android imei using MTK engineering

  • Download Engineering Mode (MTK) from Google play store or directly from our telegram channel here.
  • Open engineering mode
  • Click on Engineer Mode (MTK) 
  • Swipe left to Connectivity
  • click on CDS Information
  • Radio Information.
  • Click on phone 1 if you want to change your sim 1 or choose Phone 2 to change sim 2 IMEI
Follow this guide:
  • For Phone 1: “AT+ EGMR=1,7,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO” (make sure you add a space in between AT+ & EGMR)
  • For Phone 2: “AT+ EGMR=1,10,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO” (make sure you add a space in between AT+ & EGMR)
  • Now Press the “Send At Command” (You should receive a message that your ‘AT command sent)
  • Finally Reboot and dial *#06# to confirm your new IMEI.

How to Activate MTN MIFI Free 30gb Data ( Imei) 

  • Finally, navigate to your device sms and send the word MIFI to 131.
  • If your imei is valid you will get a successful message as shown below. 
Thank you for purchasing MTN MiFi device. You have received FREE 30GB data expires 27/05/2020 06:09:04. You are also qualified for 100% bonus on data bundles from N1000 to N5000. 

Just after the tweaking, your mtn line will be credited with 30GB worth of data from Mtn.
Confirm by dialing *131*4#
This data can be accumulated, and we shall show you how to!

How To Accumulate MTN imei Free 30gb Data [imei] 

To accumulate the free 30GB worth of data w, kindly select another imei from our telegram channel amd generate a new one using the fore mentioned procedures above. 

If you found Free browsing cheat: How to activate Free 30gb data On MTN [imei]  helpful, do leave a Comment behind, share this post using the share button icon to various social platforms.

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  1. just a waste of time. All networks are wise now they marry device with sim cards. no matter how you will tweak u will never get the bonus. So stop misleading people to drive traffic. IMEI tweaking is all gone . NEtworks know u change IMEI.

    1. That is not for a rooted device because I still tweak devices to get double phone data bonus.

  2. Most it be a new sim coz I have none

    1. To be certain yes... You can give it a try on old sims but it must be 4g enabled

  3. Is there not a way to root version 7 phones without pc

    1. The chances of getting it successful via kingroot and kingo root is likely small

  4. My phone is not rooted andriod 9 please can it work?..or please how can i root it

    1. It wouldn't work and definitely trying to root such a device this period is of a great risk.

      But just if and only if you know about rooting and the bad results if not done properly, then you can proceed in making research on hovatek.

  5. Can Android 4.4 be able to do it..if it's not rooted but successfully changed the IMEI number

    1. Changing imei without rooting isn't 100% legit unless done through computer sp flash tool or the likes

  6. Use Maui meta to change imei from Android 7 up. But have anyone tried this mifu stuff? I only have a snapdragon processor which can't change imei and a 3G tecno

  7. dis stuff isn't working....i rooted my infinix hot note.. which is v5. 1....and I hv been analyzing and tweaking my imei... using imei analyzer and MTK engineering....bro it aren't working... still say "sorri ur device is not eligible for dis..... dis bla....bla.... dial *131# to subscribe..... it not working... I believe d sim card dat come wit d mtn mifi is d only sim dat is eligible for d 30gb stuff... I hv use a new mtn 4g sim...tweakkk... and still yet no result.... and apart for me... who has testify for successfully doing it nobody... it not working

    1. a friend tweaked his mifi imei on his device nd it worked,but he has refused to tell me his mifi imei.. it's working! you just need a working imei

    2. meeky..u are correct... becus I tweaked all nite... same aren't d rite imei

  8. So how does one get a working imei Recruitment Update

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