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Whatsapp Tips: How to send WhatsApp messages without appearing online

Obviously not everyone always want to immediately reply to a dm on whatsapp for one reason or the other, and we all have that someone we just want to ignore and don't want to see us online.
Whatsapp message appearing online
Whatsapp Tips: How to send WhatsApp messages without appearing online
Good news is that, you actually don't need to worry about getting to let your contact find out when you are online or not because with this whatsapp tips, you should be able to reply to DM's secretly without appearing online.

We have got hands on 2 secret whatsapp tips on how to Send WhatsApp messages without appearing online.

Send WhatsApp Messages Without Going Online With This Two Tricks:

  1. Replying Offline
  2. Replying Directly Through Notification Banners As Messages Drops
  • Replying Offline
With this simple tips, all you have to do is simply turning off all your internet access to swiftly cutting off WhatsApp’s connectivity.
We all know without data, no message goes out and none comes in! So here is the trick.
Follow the steps below:
  • Disable all connections to the internet (Wi-Fi and the mobile network) on your smartphone.
  • Open WhatsApp and the conversation you’re interested in replying in.
  • Now, Write and send your reply.
  • Now Close your WhatsApp application 
  • Finally, you can now Reconnect  back to the internet (Turn on data connection or reactivate back Wi-Fi connection).
By doing so, your secret whatsApp message will be sent successfully without you ever appearing online and keeping your last seen just the same time as before.
  • Replying Directly Through Notification Banners as messages drop: 
This is a commonly known trick that if not almost all Android user might possibly be using without ever knowing the trick behind it.
From most android users, this is said to be the easiest of all trick in replying to a contact in an offline mode.

Just if you have a smartphone running on Android, the easiest and fastest way to reply to a message without going online, is to directly respond to it from the notification banners as messages comes in.

You can swipe down from the notification bar and swipe again from the whatsapp notification icon and then tapping on reply to send a message without appearing online.

We all hope this whatsapp tips was worth sharing!
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