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How to make free calls online 2020 trick

Free calls network
Free calls online (zero airtime) 
Good day everyone, we are pleased to introduce to you a free calling trick to all networks in Nigeria.

Getting to make free calls is one big thing our network providers finds real difficult to gift out to its customers but today a sure way of getting to reach out to friends and family by simply using your android browser (chrome, Firefox) etc, and data is here for everyone.

Like we always say, everything posted here on www.droidvilla.com is 100% tested and confirmed before it is been published. So do feel free to give it a try as we also drop screenshots as backup proves to our test.

So without further ado lets get it straight to business!

How to make free calls online without airtime 2020:

There are things needed for this to work, so here they are
  • Requirements
  1. Android
  2. Data
  3. Good network coverage (3G or 4G)

  • Procedures
  1. Open your browser (Chrome, Firefox) etc
  2. Now input globfone.com and open
  3. Scroll down to where you see CALL (Call Phone, Free calling) and tap on it
    Free calls network
  4. Now select the country you wish to call
  5. Input the persons number and press call
    Free calls network
Wait for it to initialize and immediately it should go through.
Free calls network
That is it!
You can as well send free sms and get it received within maximum of 2 minutes.

Just if you have any question in regards to this trick, do feel free to drop it as comment below for quick response.
Thanks to Daniel A. K. A CODE (From droidvilla whatsapp Group) 
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