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MTN Betatalk Tariff: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

MTN betatalk Tariff code
MTN Betatalk Tariff: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Having this MTN Betatalk Tariff plan for years now and seems many MTN customers haven't yet gotten full details of the Good, the bad, and the ugly side of Migrating to mtn beta talk. So today we shall be briefing you on all what you ought to know about MTN Nigeria Betatalk and obviously how to migrate to MTN Betatalk from an existing Tariff Plan using USSD Code.

MTN beta talk tariff plan is regarded to be the best amongst other plans, as it offers whooping 200% airtime bonus on all made recharges via banks, pins etc. The interest of MTN Nigeria is to satisfy their customers at all cost as the largest telecom company in the country.

MTN has been in existence and the most migrated tariff plan starting from its launch by MTN Nigeria. Furthermore, MTN is listed out when it comes to mentioning the best Telecom in the country Nigeria providing cheap call rates, super fast internet access and SMS services to all its customers.

The most encouraging factor of MTN Betatalk is the offering of 200% Recharge bonus on every airtime recharge from N50 and above! This tarrif plan makes it more preferable than yanfu yanfu plan as it offers 200% recharge bonus.

People wondering the possibility of this shouldn't anymore, as MTN beta talk isn't a cheat or tweak as it is obviously possible for both old and new MTN customers to migrate to this awesome tariff plan.
Table of content:
MTN Betatalk Tariff code
MTN Betatalk full review

  • MTN Betatalk Tariff: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • How To Migrate To MTN BetaTalk Tariff [BetaTalk Code]
  • The Good (Benefits) of MTN Betatalk Tariff Plan
  • The Bad Of MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan
  • The Ugly Side Of MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan Migration
  • Recharging and cheating MTN using BetaTalk Tariff Plan
  • How to migrate to MTN iPulse [Migrate Code]
  • Here Is How to Check MTN Beta Talk Tariff Bonus Balance [ USSD code] 

Before we go in details of the Good, Bad and Ugly, we would love to pen down little or more in no less than 100 words on how to migrate to MTN Betatalk from an already existing tarrif plan using USSD code or via Text.

First and foremost, MTN Betatalk is certainly not a newly introduced tarrif plan in the network, and this tarrif plan offers its customers 200% recharge bonus on all recharges from N50 and Above.

As previously mentioned above, this tariff plan is exclusively for old and new MTN users, no restrictions on this one. The sweet-potato aspect of this tariff plan is the 200% recharge bonus offer and it is great from our reviews and tricks we shall be discussing below.

How To Migrate To MTN BetaTalk Tariff [BetaTalk Code]

Migrating to MTN Betatalk is as easy as getting your phone out from your pocket. You only need the migration code via USSD or by simply sending a text message to 131.
For both old and new customers in the Network, simply migrate by following steps below
  • On your Android device or iOS, open your dialer and simply Dial *123*2*6# to migrate. 
  • For those who wish to migrate to BetaTalk via text message, simply open your message app and send the word BT to 131.

The Good (Benefits) of MTN Betatalk Tariff Plan

It is obviously obvious that there are lots benefits of Migrating to MTN Betatalk and we shall be getting them below to you today.
  • MTN Betatalk Offers 200% recharge bonus: 
This alone makes it a eye catching deal for other tariff plan customers as it promises to be a great deal offer to start with.
MTN BetaTalk 200% recharge bonus gives you N250 for every N100 recharge via Bank or PIN top up. Interesting getting to recharge N500 and you get whooping N1500 airtime bonus and your N500 top up still intact.
  • MTN BetaTalk Recharge Bonus Can Be Used For Calls

Getting the huge airtime recharge bonus from MTN BetaTalk is quite impressive, and for sure you can make use of this bonus to make calls as long as you wish and just after the bonus is exhausted, then will you start using your Main airtime balance.
  • MTN BetaTalk Recharge Bonus Can Be Used To Surf The Internet
We have giving details of the 200% recharge bonus to be used for calls, and not just for calls, it can as well be used to surf the internet. MTN Betatalk bonus can be used to browse, download, stream videos and chat.

You actually don't need a subscription as your airtime bonus can be used to access the web for free.
  • MTN BetaTalk Recharge Bonus Can Be Used To Send Text Messages
This promises to be the best and not just the best, a more interesting offer to those who send bulk text messages to workers, students, whatsapp group tv channels, church meetings etc.

Imagine wanting to send text message to over 300 contacts and you will be bothered on spending N1200 for airtime before completely sending the message across to 300 contacts. With MTN BetaTalk you can do this with happiness!

All you have to do is simply migrate to MTN Betatalk, do a top up of N500 and you should get whooping N1500 bonus recharge and your N500 airtime balance active.

Now send the bulk message across and you should be left with N300 bonus airtime and your N500 main airtime balance will be intact.

Just if you wish to migrate back to previous plan, you can as well do that for a charge fee of N100 only.
  • MTN BetaTalk Tariff Free Cheat 
MTN Betatalk cheat is not a norms cheat as per say, but we have got an idea to cheat on MTN using BetaTalk Tariff plan. 
So without further ado here is definitely what we mean! 
  • Little Trick You Didn't Know About MTN Betatalk Tarrif Plan
We shall be coming to an end of the Good part of MTN Betatalk here. This is actually more like an eye opening or can we say a trick to definitely cheat on MTN.
As we all know, data is life but still we surely need airtime to call our loved ones and family members to hear their voice and say hello, so today I will quickly show you a trick on how to cheat on MTN.

If you are low on data and you wish to subscribe for a data plan and yet you also need airtime for calls, just know MTN Betatalk is here for you. 
All you have to do is simply migrate to MTN Betatalk, this is if you haven't yet migrated to MTN Betatalk before now. But just if you are already on MTN Betatalk, then you are good to go. 
I will be using MTN N1000 data plan as a case study! 
  • Now do a top up of N1000 via bank or PIN recharge, now you should get N3000 as 200% recharge bonus for recharging N1000. 
  • Go to your dialer and dial *131# to subscribe to Monthly data plan
  • Select Monthly subscription and choose the N1000 for 1.5gig. 
  • Proceed to subscription and when successful dial *131*4# to check your MTN data balance. 
Finally you have gotten your data and yet you still have N3000 recharge bonus intact for calls! Surprising right?

That is why we are here for you😜!
Having said all this, we are sure you are in for BetaTalk, but just before then we have got some bad and ugly facts of MTN Betatalk below.

The Bad Of MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan

In today's history, it is a mystery if you should get to see something with great benefits and yet no demerits (disadvantages). In Government, there is a saying which says " What so ever have An Advantage definitely have a Dis-Advantage) and for sure this rules is certainly nothing to joke about as MTN Betatalk is one which also have a disadvantage. So we have got something to talk about and here it is below!
  • MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan Call Rate
This definitely is the number one bad side of Migrating to MTN BetaTalk, just as there is an abnormal increase fee for calls which definitely gets users discouraged to migrate to the tariff plan.

Mtn Beta Talk despite its awesome 200% recharge bonus offer, MTN Betatalk charges everyone on the plan N24 per minute on all calls. This is calculated to 40k per second. Furthermore, 40kb is said to be the standard MTN Betatalk Call Charge rate for customers!
  • No More MidNight Subscription Plan
On Migrating to MTN Betatalk, you are certainly not eligible to subscribe to MTN MidNight Plan, which is only available for MTN iPulse users. So before getting to make this ride, be sure you are no longer interested to do midnight data sub on MTN anymore. For my brothers and sisters, with 2 MTN sims, we are sure everything is under control.
  • Share and Sell Becomes Impossible

Lol! Funny enough how this guys work, MTN share and sells no longer works for as you successfully migrate to MTN BetaTalk. So even if you want to use MTN intelligence, you should think twice.

From our observations, this was made so to avoid people from getting the bonus and at the same time wanting to share the said Airtime Balance into a different sim of even selling the airtime online to get back their cash.

So we have gotten this far and here you should know wassup😂!

The Ugly Side Of MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan Migration

Finally we are here and not there, MTN Betatalk so far is a yes but then there are things to consider before moving forward.
  • Airtime Bonus Is Been Used Instead Of Data balance While Surfing The Internet
The ugly side of MTN BetaTalk is the fact that when ever you get this airtime bonus and you also have available data balance, the airtime bonus will be deducted first before getting to use your data balance.
So just if you have 5000 airtime bonus and 3gig worth of data and you decide to surf the internet, note that your data balance will be same untill your airtime bonus is been exhausted.

This is just the ugly side of MTN Beta Talk  as most BetaTalk users would prefer to have data balance tempered with and airtime bonus intact while surfing the internet.
In conclusion:
MTN Betatalk is the perfect tariff plan for everyone on the network and we have got to let you know that Migrating to MTN Betatalk from an existing tariff plan is 100% free if and only if you have stayed on the existing tariff plan for about 30days (1month) and if not, service charge fee of N100 will be charged for migration to MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan.

MTN Betatalk Tariff Cheat

Getting to say this is in now way a regular cheat like others, but definitely have to do with utilizing yout wisdom in a way. Those who would definitely get this mad o, will be those with huge amount money to top their account balance.
You only need to top your account balance via your bank (Preferable)!

Don't forget MTN Beta Talk offers 200% recharge bonus which allows youbto utilize it for calls and text messages before getting up to use your main airtime balance. This is where the cheat comes up! Interesting

Recharging and cheating MTN using BetaTalk Tariff Plan

  • Without further ado, go get a new or old sim card and migrate to MTN Beta talk using *123*2*6# or via text BT to 131. 
  • Now make recharge top up of any amount minimum N1000 - Max ( Your desired wish). 
Assuming you did N10, 000 top up, let's do some mathematical calculations!
Since every N1,000 top gives you N3000 airtime recharge bonus, now that means N3000 * 10 (10 times N1000 recharge) = N30, 000 MTN Betatalk airtime recharge bonus.
Don't forget we previously said this MTN Betatalk recharge bonus could be used for calls, messages and surfing the internet.
In other for this to be a success, do ensure to have finished the said MTN Betatalk Airtime  bonus before proceeding to next step.

Just after you might have finished the said MTN Beta talk recharge bonus now here is just what to do.
Migrate to MTN iPulse and you will be charged with n100 only.

How to migrate to MTN iPulse [Migrate Code] 

  • Simply dial USSD *406#
  • Now select 1 to migrate to MTN iPulse
On successfully Migrating to MTN iPulse, you can finally transfer your airtime to a trusted online airtime revert to cash platform, where you send the airtime to this people and they wire your cash back to your bank  account. Better still, you can decide to sell them to your friends and family members, to get back your cash.

After getting back your cash, you can repeat step again and keep getting your cash back to your account on every successful applied wisdom.

Here Is How to Check MTN Beta Talk Tariff Bonus Balance [ USSD code] 
Don't bother using the regular bonus check USSD code, as MTN beta talk tariff have got its own way of checking its bonuses.
  • To check MTN beta talk balance simply dial USSD *559*43#
  • Dial *131*4# to further check your data balance or by sending sms 2 to 131
Your feed back is important to us, just if there is something missing and you wish for it to be added and looked on, do feel free to reach out to us via our whatsapp hot line : +2348130856226

If you found MTN Betatalk Tariff: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly helpful, do leave a Comment behind, share this post using the share button icon to various social platforms.

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