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Whatsapp competes with zoom and Skype as numbers of group chat calls increases

Whatsapp competes with zoom and Skype as numbers of group chat calls increases 
Early this year it was a newly added feature by whatsapp developers, which made it possible for group members to easily make group call chats and videos with a limit of 4 participants.

Just after getting the dark theme available for all Android users and also iOS, our hopes are as high as the sky as we have got just what we wanted, to help get us alive during the Covid-19 lockdown.

We shouldn't just forget the rumours about WhatsApp plans in stepping up its game to better be in line with the likes of skype and zoom. Obviously the number of people this apps allow to take part in chats calls is definitely the reason lots of users go for it without having to think twice.

Now here we are to unveil the latest update on whatsapp! 

Furthermore, WhatsApp recently offered support for up to four (4) chat participants, but just last week an update was made for beta tester user to first experience the newly added increment in the number of chats which was confirmed to have been increased by additional 3 chats participants, making it a total of 7 Chats allowed for a whatsapp group video chat or voice chat in a group.

Whatsapp group chat call
Whatsapp Group Call limit
Whatsapp group call limit is now seven (7) making it possible for families to reach out to one another via whatsapp group call or video call chat even though they are far away,
Before getting it possible to make whatsapp chat calls, all participants must have updated their whatsapp to the latest version of the update via Google PlayStore. 
This was made known by our very own testing group! (image)
Whatsapp group chat call
Whatsapp latest version for chat calls
So just head straight to your Google PlayStore or App Store and update your whatsapp messenger.

How to make whatsapp group chat calls

It is quite easy and interesting!
  • All you have to do is simply head over to your whatsapp application and open the group you wish to make call. 
  • Now tap on the call icon at the top right side of the application.
    How to make whatsapp group chat calls
    Whatsapp call icon
  • Select the participants for the group vid call or voice call.
    Select participants
  • Once selected tap on the call icon and that is it.
    How to make whatsapp group chat calls
    Call icon

That is all update we have got for you now. 
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