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Droidvilla Tech apk download
Droidvilla Technology 
Thank you so very much for waiting patiently this long for the availability of Droidvilla Technology Android Apk application as it is officially available for download directly from Mediafire.

Despite the long wait for Google PlayStore response to Droidvilla Technology apk upload, we are still having issues in getting it approved.
We are  further looking into deep solution in getting to reapply Droidvilla Tech App again on Android Google PlayStore to be officially available for everyone via the App store and for reviews on Droidvilla Technology app.

In as much the Admins of Droidvilla Tech wanted the launch of Droidvilla Tech Apk to be first published on Google PlayStore, we also listen to our visitors and viewers, because you all are actually the reason Droidvilla Tech is still moving on smoothly.

Before we finally get approved on Google PlayStore, the C. E. O of Droidvilla Tech (Nnoka Godswill) have finally listened to the calls, dms and comments of all esteemed visitors of www.droidvilla.com today, as he drops a direct MediaFire download link of the official Droidvilla Tech Application to be downloaded and accessible for free to all followers and supporters of Droidvilla Technology ⚙.

Without further Ado, the Droidvilla Technology app features the following:

Droidvilla Tech apk download
Droidvilla Apk
  • Dark/White Theme
  • Synchronization of latest updates
  • Read Offline (After Synchronization, you can turn off your data and read articles without data connection active)
  • 13mb APK download size
  • Free for download on media fire
  • Safe to install
  • Still in beta test as we look forward in adding more categories and requests.

How To Download Droidvilla Technology Apk App 

You can download Droidvilla Tech apk directly from MediaFire below
  • Download Droidvilla Technology App HERE

How to install Droidvilla Technology Apk

Droidvilla Tech apk download
Droidvilla Technology Apk

  • Just after downloading Droidvilla Tech apk from the download link above
  • Simply tap on the downloaded apk file and tap on install
  • Just when prompted the apk file is a risk or whatever, just tap on Install anyways. 
The reason you are getting the warning is as a result of our application not yet available on the Google PlayStore. Once it is available, it will be no more prompted when installing.
Don't forget to share Droidvilla Tech Application to friends and family members.
Thank you

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