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How to create a free us number for whatsapp account and verification

Us whatsapp number
How to create a free us number for whatsapp account and verification
Good day everyone and welcome once more to droidvilla Tech as we will be getting to you in more details step by step procedure on how to get a free US number for whatsapp account OTP verification, calls and text messages all for free.
We all have one or two contacts who are in Nigeria but their whatsapp account number is either in US, UK, Canada or the likes and most times you wonder how this happens and ponder on what to do to actually get a US whatsapp number of yours too and get it verified on whatsapp. 

Don't worry anymore as droidvilla tech will today show you how to create a free US number for whatsapp verification.
There are thousands of free US number creating applications out there but you should know that not all of this free US whatsapp number applications are real legit and works just fine. Most of this US whatsapp number creating applications can't be used to verify whatsapp account and other needs, that is the main reason we decided in getting into a deep search to deliver to you the best Free US, UK and Canada whatsapp number creating application to be used for whatsapp account registration and also for verification of US whatsapp number.

Now you are here to learn how to create a free US number that can be used for whatsapp verification and also other shitty stuffs, don't forget to join our telegram channel and do share this post to everyone who is in need of it.

Requirements To Get Free US Number In Nigeria For Whatsapp Verification

How to create a working US whatsapp number for whatsapp verification

Like we already said above, this US whatsapp number creating application is totally free and the best foreign number creating application out there, so do feel free to share and enjoy.
  • Firstly, open your Google PlayStore and tap on the search button
  • Now type TUNNELBEAR and hit the search button or download here directly (Tunnelbear) 
  • Tap on the install button and it should be downloaded and installed into your Android mobile device
    Us whatsapp number
  • Just after installing TunnelBear on Google PlayStore, minimize and navigate to Google chrome browser and type, now hit the okay button to sign up an account.
  • You can as well tap Here  and open a new tab to register an account immediately.
  • Input your preferred email to be used, and your password, now hit the create account button to sign up.
    Us whatsapp number
  • Now after getting signed up directly from Google chrome browser, you should be signed in automatically.
  • After you might have been signed in using your email and password you created on Google chrome, simply minimize and open TunnelBear application you installed from Google PlayStore and login with your details.
Congratulations, one step has been successfully completed.

  • After getting to install and creating a tunnelbear account, simply go back to your Google PlayStore application again and search for 2nd line
  • Download and install 2nd line application.
    Us whatsapp number
  • Before signing up on the 2nd line application, open your tunnelbear app and change the location to Mexico and hit the connect button.
  • Now open the 2nd line just after the tunnelbear vpn is active successfully and register with the same email you recently used in registering for the tunnelbear application.
  • In sign up Process on the 2nd line application, you will be asked to input area code. Simply search for USA area code on Google or you can as well use the below available USA area code we have provided for you in the quote
444, 555, 980, 950.
  • Now pick anyone of your choice from the list above and input it on the Area Code space
  • Just after you have done that, you should now see list of available US number to choose from. 
  • Select your preferred US number and that is all.

How to call any USA number on 2nd line application

In other to be able to call any USA number for free, you will have to change your tunnelbear location to USA. 
  • You can change tunnelbear location by simply minimizing and opening your tunnelbear application 
  • Hit stop button and select USA as location and tap on the connect button again.
  • Now go back to 2nd line to make free calls to USA numbers. 

How to register a whatsapp account in Nigeria for free Using your free US number

Now you have successfully created a US number, you can as well get it registered on whatsapp messenger and get verification sms. 
  • Open your whatsapp 
  • Change country code to +1 which is USA country code number
  • Now go to 2nd line and copy your USA number
  • Input the copied usa number and hit the Register button 
  • Wait for about 59 seconds and once you get notified for 6 digit code sent to the USA number, simply minimize and go back to 2nd line, swipe left on the app and you should see a message from whatsapp with your 6 digit code
  • Copy the whatsapp verification code and input it into the OTP section on whatsapp and boom you have successfully created a whatsapp account using a US number.

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  1. Is my ID my phone number in the 2nd number app??

  2. After creating my 2nd number after getting an account I don't know My number. . But the number I selected .. I tried using it on whatsapp but I didn't get any verification code

    1. Kindly send screenshot to our whatsapp group of the ID for further guide

  3. Din work for me... I was told to pay about 5dollars for trial

  4. Can I use the number to create an Instagram account?

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