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Can't pay your MTN borrowed airtime and wish to buy data on that same line? Here is what to do

MTN borrowed data gifting
How to subscribe to a data plan without clearing your borrowed MTN airtime
Another interesting article to write on how to subscribe to a data plan without clearing your borrowed MTN airtime. This promises to be a good one as things get real difficult this days and everyone having owed MTN upto N700 +borrowed airtime finds it difficult to pay back and still yet you just have to in other to clear the debts and subscribe to a data plan, since MTN is your preferred data sim.

How about you just have N1000 to subscribe for a monthly plan and you borrowed N750 from your MTN line? The case becomes so disturbing and to let you know, getting to subscribe for a data plan means that you must have cleared your debts (the borrowed airtime) and now you just have N1000 to subscribe for a plan. Not to worry, we have an amazing alternative to subscribe to a Data plan even without paying your MTN borrowed airtime.

This is more like a saving trick and not a cheat to bypass your debt, but to save you the stress of having to pay off your debt and becoming broke of getting your line subscribed to a data plan. Most especially this would save lots of people from thinking on how to pay off their Borrowed debts in other to subscribe to a data plan.

Using myself as a case study, I once borrowed MTN airtime worth N1500 and after then I used N1000 for monthly subscription and the remaining for night plans. So after exhausting my MTN monthly data plan, I was heavy in heart on how I would pay off my borrowed MTN airtime worth N1500 and not forgetting I was out of the internet because my data was exhausted.
Checking my bank account balance, I had just N1100  while i was owing N1500.

I looked for ways in getting to subscribe to a plan without having to pay off my debt since I wasn't having enough funds to clear the debts and still subscribe to a plan. Finally an idea came which helped out a lot, and that is just what I am about to share with you today. Cheers 🥂

If you borrowed MTN airtime and you wish to subscribe for a data plan and yet don't have enough cash to pay off your debt and still subscribe for your data, here is just what to.

MTN Data Gifting:

We all know MTN data gifting lets you subscribe for a friend or family member directly from your available airtime balance or through Bank USSD codes. The trick comes now!
Since you are owing MTN N1000 and you just have N1000 left in your bank account, all you have to do is simply send the N1000 from your bank to a trusted friend bank account or as airtime, and tell him or her to help gift you MTN monthly data subscription to your desired line.

It is as simple as that! Now you have been gifted the data, you can now have rest of mind and just when you have enough funds, you can as well pay off the debt at later time.

How To Gift MTN Data Via USSD Code And MyMTNApp:

If you wish to gift a data plan to a friend or family member here is what to do via ussd. 
  • Dial *131#
  • Select 7
  • Select 2
  • Select preferred gifting plan duration (Daily, weekly, monthly, 2 months, 3 months) Etc
  • Now select preferred plan
  • Press 1 to proceed
  • Input recipient number
Mtn data gifting code
MTN data Gifting USSD code
Congrats you have successfully gifted the said plan to the recipient.

To gift data subscription plan to a friend via MyMTNApp, here is what to do!

  • Download MyMTNApp from playstore
  • Now open and sign up to MyMTNApp 
  • Hit the hot data deals
  • Select preferred data subscription from the available options and proceed
  • Now tap on (for others)
  • Input the recipient number and select payment methods via bank or airtime balance.
Mtn data gifting MyMTNApp
MyMTNApp data gifting 
Congratulations you have successfully gifted data subscription to the recipient.

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