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Read whatsapp group messages
How to check if someone has read your whatsapp group messages
Finally you can now get to see contacts who have viewed your messages sent on whatsapp groups, without having to wait for a reply or not.

The ability for someone to know who viewed his or her whatsapp group messages was not made available for the official whatsapp messenger application not until the recent update this year, which droidvilla tech figured out a quick tips on how to see who read your message on whatsapp group for android or iphone users.

Furthermore, gbwhatsapp users had the ability to check if someone has read their messages on whatsapp group or not, long before now and I am sure that was the major reason, gb mod made its way to the market so high, along side with its amazing added features that was outstanding.

So today, just if you are in a beef with someone in a whatsapp group chat and you drop a bombshell for the victim and yet no reply and you wish to know if truly he or she has read your message or not, this little tips will let you if the someone has read your whatsapp group messages or not.

This amazing feature on how to see who read your message on whatsapp group via android or iphone has definitely three categories which are

  1. Delivered to
  2. Seen by
  3. Remaining numbers of participants 

Whatsapp group message delivered to!

Delivered to, simply shows number of participants of the group who is online and have gotten a notification of your message in the group but is yet to read the message.

Whatsapp group message seen by! 

Getting to this part, this simply shows the exact number of contacts of which your message is delivered to and have read/view or seen your whatsapp group messages.

Whatsapp group message remaining number of participants! 

This simply gives a total number of contacts who are yet to get your message delivered to their device.  Furthermore, those set of contacts device internet connection is probably not active at the moment. In other words, they are all offline at the moment!
So whenever they are back online, their details will be moved to the delivered section then finally seen by the participants.

Like said before now, it's so annoying when you send a message on a WhatsApp group and no one replies to your message or someone drops a hmmm message. Not to worry any more as WhatsApp new updates lets you now see people that has read your message on WhatsApp or WhatsApp group.

How To Know People That Have Read Your Message On WhatsApp Groups

As we all know, droidvilla will surely drop the easiest way on how to know someone who have read your group whatsapp messages or have seen your message.
Kindly follow steps below:

  • Launch your WhatsApp (Any kind of WhatsApp)
  • Goto the whatsapp group which you have sent the message before now.
  • Just if you haven't yet sent any message on the whatsapp group, kindly do so immediately and proceed to next step. 
  • Once your whatsapp message has been ticked blue or sent successfully on the group chat, then you are sure someone have read the group whatsapp message. 
  • Now to know who have read your whatsapp message and who is yet to see them, all you have to do is to follow the next step. 
  • Long-press on the group whatsapp message you sent.
  • 📣Now tap the three-dotted toggle icon on the right Corner of the group menu.
  • Finally you should see a menu named info
  • Tap on it and now you can see the full list of people that have read your group whatsapp messages and those who are yet to see them.
  • You can as well see people who ignored your whatsapp group message or wishes not to reply to your messages.
See images below:
Seen group whatsapp messages
how to check if someone has read your message on whatsapp
Seen group whatsapp messages
Seen by

Related Question

  • How can you tell if someone has read/seen your WhatsApp without blue ticks?
Long press the WhatsApp message and follow the same method on this article to know how.
  • How can you tell if a WhatsApp message has been read?
A blueprint will be stated on the message indicating message as been read, in most cases it doesn't show, so all you have to do is to follow the first step.
  • Can someone read your message in WhatsApp even if not blue ticked?
Yes depending on the person Whatsapp privacy set.
  • Can I read a WhatsApp message without the sender knowing?
yes you can go to your WhatsApp privacy setting to find out how to set it or read here
  • How do I find a group link on WhatsApp?

you can find one by asking your friend to help you with some invite link to join a Whatsapp group chat or if you are an admin of the group, you can as well get copy the invite link your yourself through the group settings menu.

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