9mobile Cheap Data 2020: Activate 9mobile 10gb Data For N1400

- Get 9mobile 10gb Data For N1400 Only
- Power The 9mobile 10gb Data With Http Injector or Kpntunel VPN 
Cheap 9mobile 10gb n1400
9mobile Cheap Data: 10gb for n1400
Welcome to Droidvilla Tech, and a whole new level as we shall be dropping a mind blowing trick on how to accumulate upto 10gb plus worth of data for N1400 only on 9mobile in 2020.
This 9mobile trick is in line with the well known and common Social Pak free browsing cheat trending for months now and for sure droidvilla tech wasn't left behind as we also made a post on it here. 

Furthermore, this 10gb 9mobile cheat or can I say trick has been up for a while and just few persons turn towards the plan as it works for just the social platforms making it not worth doing. 

Now reverse is the case as we can now power the 9mobile 10gb worth of data which cost N1400 to work exclusively for all Android applications and also get tethered over to another device via PDA net or Hotspot.
I prefer to say Thank you to webloaded.com.ng for this update!
Recently, it has come to our notice that the 9mobile SocialMe Pak which offers a mouth watering 2.5GB data for just N350 has been a source of life saving to many Nigerians on the network and for sure it is super worth it. 

Just when we all needed data to stay online and keep in touch with our loved ones during this trying times of Pandemic Coronavirus, 9mobile was there fore us.

As we earlier said, this data offer is a unique one as it can be accumulated upto 10gb and more, depending on your will. 
The simple mathematics on getting this 9mobile 10gb data for just N1400 is just very simple and smart. 

Lets take a look on how this is possible! 
Since the 9mobile socialpak subscription cost N350 for 2.5GB, which is certainly valid for a period of 30days (1 month), now by simply repeating the SocialPak subscription for 4 times straight, you should have accumulated a whooping 10gb which in total costs just N1400
Simple Calculations:
Just after you might have gotten the subscription activated, all you have to do is simply get installed either http injector VPN or kpntunel VPN.

Your choice tho, but Droidvilla Tech Highly Recommends Http Injector! 

How To Power All Apps Using Http Injector/Kpntunel Via 9mobile 10GB SocialPak Data

First of all you should note that, you will only be able to see 2GB data just when you dial *288# to check your available 9mobile data balance. 

Don't be scared, the 8gb worth of data is hidden and can't be seen. Nevertheless, can be used only via HTTP Injector or kpntunel with there respective configuration files.

The 2GB which can be seen can be powered with the SocialPak 500mb configuration files, while the 8gb which is hidden can be powered using the 2gb http injector configuration files.

Join us on telegram to get unlocked http injector configuration files and kpntunel for the 2gb and 8gb respectively. 


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  1. Join our telegram channel https://t.me/droidvilla, we shall be updating unlocked configuration files for both 500mb (2gb) and 2gb (8gb).

    Message me on whatsapp +2348130856226 for queries or use the contact us menu above.
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