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Complete Guide: Easiest Way To Earn Five- Figures Monthly With Data Retailing & Reselling

- A Step By Step Guide On The Easiest Way to Earn Five- Figures Monthly with Data Retailing & Reselling By Steve'sData
- Get The Complete PDF Guide On The Easiest Way to Earn Five- Figures Monthly with SME Retailing & Reselling
Easiest Data reselling
Easiest Way to Earn Five- Figures Monthly with Data Retailing & Reselling
Do you want to know all there is to data reselling? Then you shouldn’t skip this as Steve'sData is willing to pour out all hidden tips and easiest way in making legit 5 figures Monthly from SME (data) Retailing and Reselling.
Furthermore, this guide has all the information you need about data reselling. The good thing is, it’s not just for start-ups but even for data resellers too as this promises to be a top notch guide for everyone.
In this material, you wont be bored with niceties and irrelevant talk. It’s just straight to the main point. I took out good time to list out the codes you’ll need to share data.
I also gave free marketing strategies that worked for me and my colleagues which gave us an exponential growth from earning N8000 a month to at least N80000 a month. If peradventure you read this and you are sure there are some missing information, please reach out to us for a refund.
It's obvious, SME data reselling is a lucrative business and all its secrets are here!

Introduction/All You Need To Know: Easiest Way to Earn Five- Figures Monthly with Data Retailing & Reselling

Firstly, I’ll like to state that this is one of the easiest and most profitable online businesses in Nigeria. This is because telecommunications is one of the leading industries in Nigeria and the world at large. Unlike its other competitors, the tendency of its fading out is minimal. Why? Because information is key in this age.
For example, Google records 3.5billion search enquiries per day (that is 70,000 every second across the globe). I know you are surprised but remember this is just for Google; there is still Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok and the likes. Also, have in mind that Nigeria is one of the top 20 countries with the highest use of internet and the highest in Africa.

What does this tell us?
Data is king!
An average Nigerian spends at least N2000 on data in a month irrespective of his earnings. It’s not just an obsession, it’s a necessity. Everyone needs information.

Now this explains why the telecommunication market is fast growing in Nigeria. You too can join this market and that is the sole reason I wrote this article; to increase your earning ability. If you are patient enough, you’ll get the best from it and thank me later.
I have written this in a question and answer format. This is to make things easier as most questions (if not all) you’d want to ask have been answered here.

Please note as earlier stated, this work isn’t just for beginners, its explains a lot about data reselling in Nigeria either as a newbie or professional.
Feel free to skip some parts you feel aren’t necessary or you already know, I understand but please make sure you get the best out of this content.
This cost us a lot of time, energy, and resources to put out this great content for you, so I’ll love you to take your time to read through, as every line would be needed to increase your ability to earn via data reselling. It is worth your time.

What you will be learning?

  • What is Data Retailing & Reselling
  • Who is a Data Reseller?
  • What do you need to start?
  • What’s the proof it’s a legal business? [Your customers will like to be sure]
  • What are the pros and cons about it and their solutions?
  • How much could you earn from it and what could help you earn more.
  • Methods and Alternative ways to start data reselling business.
  • How to Sell as a Wholesaler and earn big [All the Codes needed for data sharing to all networks]
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Conclusion
I decided to pick out some part of this material and give to you, so you’ll have a foretaste of what the full material contains. If you are eager to start up something and make money progressively, you will definitely enjoy this.

How much could you earn from it and what could you make you earn more?

Another question that will be on your mind is how much could you possibly earn from this DATA Retailing and Reselling business. Where is the gain since I am selling at cheap rate?
At first when I started, I was earning about N2000 from 20 to 22 sales in a week. Gradually with time, I got a larger market share and I comfortably make N80000 to N90000 monthly. If you’re doing a good job, you could earn over hundred thousand every month. Yes, too good to be true, I know. Just by simply attending to people’s orders (via replying messages and answering phone calls), your phone keeps beeping with alerts in every 30 minutes. Personally, I have to block my bank SMS alerts cause of the overwhelming SMS charges I get every month.
Please note that this is just a range, you could earn less or even more. This is a business where a high level of patience is needed to allow your profit accumulate to earn you more profit. Make sure you get the cheapest airtime available, and find a means to have the fastest turnover and you are good to go.

Methods and Alternative ways to start data reselling business

- Reselling data by buying directly from network providers:
As a wholesaler, you could buy from the network providers directly and sell to your customers at your own rate. All you’d have to do for MTN is to subscribe to the SME data plan which is very cheap as compared to the normal data rates and then you share the data to your customers conveniently with the codes I’ll show you later on. While for other networks, you don’t need to migrate to any special plan.
After this, you’d buy airtime in bulk and use it to buy data for your customers. The cheaper the airtime, the higher your gain. So then how can you find cheap airtime? Don’t worry the paid PDF of this guide explains everything to you. The secret to buying data at a cheap rate.

I can give you some few tips that will help you in this business. You don’t need to rush after the money at first else your customers would feel you just embezzling their money. There are so many data sellers out there, you are not the first. I’ll prefer you channel your focus on solving people’s data needs. People really need data and you have a solution to their problem, solve it first and they’ll pay you next.
With this mentality, you’ll be able to channel your business strategies.
I want you to get the best out of this business and become a guru and so I’ll employ you to get the full material guide for your good.

Get The Full PDF Guide Today: Easiest Way To Earn Five- Figures Monthly With Data Retailing & Reselling ! 

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