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MTN YouTube Plus 1GB + 500mb Activation Code

- MTN Nigeria introduces its YouTube Plus data subscription pack 2020
- MTN YouTube plus pack 1GB + 500mb (Normal data) Valid for 14days
MTN YouTube Plus
MTN YouTube Plus Pack
Another great article from Droidvilla Tech as we are here to ensure you get the best data deals and as well at an affordable price.
This new YouTube plus pack is specifically for the YouTube lovers and for those who love streaming comedies (Yawa Skit, Mark Angel comedy, macaroni, josh2funny and the likes), directly from YouTube. Similarly, this MTN YouTube plus pack is like the Instagram social plan we all know about.
The initial purpose of the introduction of this YouTube Plus pack from MTN is to enable its customers have good value for their money spent. By subscribing to this special MTN YouTube plus data, you get 1000mb data for streaming YouTube videos alone and additional 500mb for normal internet use.

So just subscribing for the plan you have also saved the money you would have used to sub for normal data plans. Furthermore, the YouTube plus data is valid for 2 weeks (14 days), meaning you don't need to be in a haste in getting to finish your YouTube data bundle. 

The very good thing we commend with this YouTube plus data is the fact that you are safe while streaming in YouTube app, as the moment your 1GB YouTube data is exhausted, you get alerted and the streaming stops for you to determine what to do next.

About MTN YouTube Plus 1GB + 500mb plan

Here are things to note about this YouTube plus pack before Activation
  • YouTube plus pack is Bi- weekly (14days)
  • MTN YouTube plan pack cost N500 only for 1gb + 500mb
  • YouTube plus pack offers 1gb data for YouTube streaming and 500mb normal data for surfing the internet making it 1.5gb YouTube Plus data plan.
  • Good news, everyone on the network is eligible to subcribe to the YouTube plus pack.
  • MTN youTube plus data can be rolled over if data remains before expiring date.
  • MTN YouTube Plus data can be accessed all day.
  • No need for VPN
Without saying much lets get straight on how to activate MTN YouTube Plus pack! 

MTN YouTube Plus 1GB + 500mb Activation Code 2020

Simply dial *131# and follow steps to get MTN YouTube plus data offer!
  1. Select option 8 ( videos pack) 
  2. Select option 3 (1gb YouTube only + 500mb data access)
  3. Select option 1 (N500 for YouTube plus (2 - week plan) 
  4. Proceed by pressing 2 (one time off or if you prefer auto renewal then select option 1)
Congratulations you have successfully subscribed to MTN YouTube Plus video pack cost N500 and data values of 1gb (YouTube Only) plus 500mb (Data access).
Having said this, Droidvilla Tech recommends this YouTube Plus pack as the best YouTube subscription plan out there.

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