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Police Brutality Live Record Shortcut On Siri:All You Need To Activate Shortcut

- Newly created shortcut for iOS users, Hey siri " I’m getting pulled over" 
- The police Brutality shortcut for Siri is live for iOS version 12 and above
Police Brutality siri
Hey siri: i am getting pulled over
As protests against racism and police brutality continue to rise across the US, we’ve seen how video captured on mobile devices can help identify misconduct by law enforcement. But such evidence is not only useful at a protest, but also during routine interactions with the police.

That’s why the Siri shortcut “I’m getting pulled over” exists. Once you load this shortcut onto your iPhone, all you need to do is say “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over” and it will start a chain of events.

It dims your phone, pause any music being played, and starts recording video from your front camera. It also sends your current location and a copy of that video to an emergency contact, though you’ll need to confirm a few pop-up messages to complete these steps.

The shortcut is the work of Robert Petersen, who first published it in 2018. Petersen has been updating the program since then, and the shortcut has gained attention following the killing of George Floyd.

Recording police interactions does not, stop misconduct and racial discrimination, but it can help expose individuals involved. It’s true that not every police interaction needs recording, but that’s no reason not to hit record all the same. 

If you want to use the program yourself, there are few things you’ll have to do. It isn’t an app you can download from the App Store, but an iOS shortcut that relies on functionality introduced in iOS 12. 

🔴So, to get things working, here are things needed to get police brutality shortcut installed on your iOS device. 

  • You’ll have to first make sure iOS is updated to at least iOS 12.
  • Then, download the Shortcuts app here
  • After that’s done, visit here on your device from the built-in Safari browser to set-up the shortcut (Other browsers won’t work!).
  • You’ll also need to make sure your phone can load unverified shortcuts (go to Settings > Shortcuts and toggle Allow Untrusted Shortcuts to allow this shortcut) and give the program access to your location.
  • Once that’s done you are good to go, though we recommend giving the shortcut a quick run first so as to okay certain permissions for it to work properly. 
When using it, you’ll also need to approve certain steps. There’s no shortcut available for Android right now, but there are similar apps on the Play Store that can help record video footage of law enforcement.

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