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Thinking on changing your windows 10? Think about the windows 10 redesigned start menu

-Windows 10 start menu new design leaked by Microsoft
- No exact date of when it is to be released, but for sure there are views to glance on to know how the windows 10 start menu will ooks like
Redesigned Windows 10 Start Menu
Redesigned Windows 10 Start Menu
Nothing sounds so cool having to get improved updates from applications, softwares and devices, which promises to be user friendly and eye catching.
Just in, windows 10 plans on an update which improves the start menu, or can we say a redesigned Start menu tile which is quite amazing and cool.

Furthermore, Windows 10 has been around for 5 years now, and not forgetting tons of amazing updates from Microsoft over the years, the Start menu doesn’t look hugely different from how it was when the OS debuted back in 2015, but we are to celebrate for a better new redesigned windows 10 start menu anytime soon.

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The newly redesigned windows 10p start menu was leaked from Microsoft 365 Facebook page, which reveals plans on a whole new look of the start menu, and for sure an eye catching number of new images released to give us a clearer hint of how it will look.

Windows 10 Start Menu Redesigned - What Changes Can We See?

The windows 10 start menu leaked images shows a cleaner Start menu with a translucent background, and new Fluent Design icons. While Live Tiles are very much still part of the design, they integrate much better here.

This new windows 10 start menu is indeed a big update to me and obviously to you too, as it promises to give us hope for more better and improved windows 10 experience.

When will this new start menu update be available? 

We wouldn't want to give hope when truly there is none! There’s no fixed date or a word on when we should all be expecting this new start menu, but from the look of things and how Microsoft is flaunting the new windows 10 redesigned start menu, there is a more clearer vision of it to be out anytime soon.
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