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How to rollover unused MTN data subscription [Tips]

- Yes, you can actually rollover unused MTN data subscription plan
-Don't worry when your MTN data expires as we shall be giving you a simple guide on how to rollover unused MTN data subscription plan in 2020
Rollover unused MTN data
Unused MTN data
Don't worry when your mtn data subscription is expired and still having unused data available, we will guide you through on how to rollover unused mtn data subscriptions.
Having to subscribe for a data subscription or probably gifted a data subscription and watching the data expired and yet you still have lots of unused data is quite annoying. There have been a time you can't think of finishing a gifted data or your normal weekly or monthly data subscription and you are wondering what next to do so the data doesn't waste. Finally there is indeed a quick solution to rollover all unused MTN data subscriptions. 

Without wasting much of our time, we shall be dropping nothing but a tested and trusted solution to the question How can I rollover MTN unused data subscription in 2020.

How To Rollover Unused MTN Data Subscription

The best way to rollover an unused MTN data subscription balance is by simply having to re-subscribe to that same plan a day before the initial expiring date or just after the expiring date.
This is similar to the previous post we made on how to extend MTN Nigeria Data expiry date (Read More)
For example:
If after doing a monthly MTN data subscription plan of N1000 and the data is about to get expired but yet you still have some unused data, all you have to do is simply get to do a daily, weekly or another monthly data subscription to rollover all unused data
By having to re-subscribe again, the expiring date of the previous one will be extended to the new data subscription plan expiring date.
That is all, as said earlier this was just a tips and a quick one. 
Finally you now know how to rollover unused MTN data subscription, so don't get bothered any more when you get a message from MTN warning you of your data expiring date, as droidvilla tech got you covered.

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