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One Big Update We All Anticipating For Is Been Considered By Whatsapp Developers

Whatsapp multi device login
Whatsapp multi device login
- WhatsApp has finally considered in getting one of its biggest upgrades anytime soon
- WhatsApp to have a multi-device option — but could definitely be for a while

Not forgetting rumor been circulated early this year in regards to whatsapp multi device login option which has been long implemented on other social platforms we can all call rivals. We have the likes of telegram, facebook, instagram and twitter which lets you log onto a particular account in different devices without having to get logged out in the previous account registered with the other device.
WhatsApp will be getting this multi-device and cross-platform compatibility hopefully on next major update, according to new settings screens discovered within its beta versions. This is obviously a great news and a thumbs up, but we might be waiting a while for it to become available for all users.

We should all know WABetaInfo, which is a dedicated site in giving out legit information from the beta versions of the globally popular messaging app (WhatsApp). This new feature was found (via Forbes), but we are not certain of getting this new update anytime soon as there is no said fixed date for the launch. On the official twitter handle of WABetaInfo, it was suggested in a tweet that it could probably be anything from two to six months before it should appear in the stable version of the app for download.

Furthermore, there have been a cool technical feature of which one can easily get his or her whastapp via desktop as well as your mobile device with the provision of a web client or an app. Moreover, Desktop (PC) and Mac version serves as an extension of the phone you originally registered WhatsApp on, and won't work if the phone goes offline, limiting its usefulness and that has been a thing to work on as users definitely finds this not too cool.

whatsapp multi device login
whatsapp log in on a new device
The presence of this true multi-device mode was revealed by new screens in the settings menu of the Android beta version of WhatsApp titled "Log in on a new device." The screen further suggests that the user connects to a Wi-Fi before getting do this. Since the logging into a new device would definitely need to transfer all messages and medias unto the new device, a strong Wi-Fi is recommended so as to achieve seamless swapping between the two apps, potentially using your cloud backup to do this.

We also found a "Linked Devices" screen from the WABetaInfo, which looks more like an evolution of the existing WhatsApp Web/Desktop setting that shows which PCs and Macs you are connected to at the moment. There is also a slight hope for it to be available for the ipad users too.
whatsapp multi device login
Whatsapp link a new device
WhatsApp has been dropping lots of amazing updates recently and not forgetting the recent update which increases the number of participants in video calls by 4 making a total of 8 participants for whatsapp video call, including refreshed security and contact QR code.  This is in view of the increased need for communication via messaging apps due to national lockdowns caused by the pandemic Coronavirus, and also to fight off several strong rivals in the form of iMessage, telegram, Signal and other Facebook-owned services like Messenger and Instagram.
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