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How To Root Any Android Device 2020

Root Any Android in 2020
Many persons have been asking me when I would post a tutorial on How to  root Android devices and best applications to root android device.
So today I will be teaching you guys on how to root your device with simple steps.

NOTE: If you have no idea about the precautions of going into this, please make a research before going further, because I wouldn't be held responsible if your device gets bricked.

For those about taking this bold steps, below are your reward for rooting.

  • You get access to every restricted system files your developer restricts you from accessing.
  • Your phone becomes a toy to you, because you are now a god and a developer yourself.
  • You have the right, to Read, Write and Code any thing at your finger tips.
  • You get access to uninstall, Move, Disable,change system boot img, change font.e.t.c
  • You also get access to customize your android to whatsoever you wish.
  • You have access to hack into games, applications and lots more.
  • Having Root access, be rest assured your device is greater than any other phone out there.

Imagine changing a device because you are tired of the system UI display.
Imagine you get a phone and you don't have access to delete apps that pops out ads and waste your internal storage.
Imagine you buy a phone worth ₦60,000 and you get a 16gig internal storage and about 6gig eaten up by your system files. Making you to save more hard earned money to purchase a higher grade.
With root access I had an android device back then with 8gig ROM and a 1gig RAM, was planning on changing the device because I was a fan of games that uses (obb), " I know gamers can relate" and all my obb files where directed to my internal storage making it not possible to play large games.
So I went in search of how to overwrite my memory card of 32 gig to be written as internal, after so much trials and errors i was so happy after i finally succeeded  through the help of  "god Root!"

Imagine you buy a device 3gig RAM and you see free RAM 1.2gig available out of 3gig. I begin to ask myself what happened to the remaining 1.6gig. Do you know that, there are some hidden system files and applications that runs in background whenever your phone is powered ON and their work is to constantly eat up your RAM.Take an instance of Google Map, i cant remember ever opening that application for anything. I had a 1gig RAM device and was having 460mb free, came across Google Map and I immediately disabled the app " Boom", I had freed 70+mb RAM just like that. With Root access you get absolutely everything at your finger tips.

Currently, Android programmers go so hard to lock the boot image to prevent rooting because they definitely know what a Root access device can do.

Let me stop here because I just can't stop saying good of ROOTING. 
Before I forget, I bought an Android (LG g4) to be precise, spent over 2months cracking and finding a solution to ROOT the device, but to no progress. I had to sell a phone I bought for about ₦60,000 for ₦25,000 because I wasn't able to root it. Now using an Infinix NOTE 3, compare with the LG g4 you know how painful it is. But now I now feel like a god because I have root access on my phone to do whatsoever pleases me.
Said I will stop, but let me blow your mind now.
I remember way back when Tecno P3 came out, one of the first Android device from TECNO, MTN offered free 3months 100% data bonus for those who purchase the device, which simply means if you purchase a data of 1.5gig you get 3gig for having the 100% bonus. I was already using a device not eligible for that, then I came across how to change my IMEI, immediately I rooted my device and changed my IMEI to a friend Tecno p3 device, I then inserted my MTN sim "Boom" I had a notification of 100% data bonus.

A rooted device is life itself, I can't see my self ever using a device that I can't root.
A user with an Android device without ROOT access is like a King without an Empire. 
The only reason people give for not rooting his or her android is simply that of Fear of bricking, inability to system update after rooting and Warranty disclose.

I am here to let you know that " Custom ROM is available "😂😂😂😂

Things Needed For Rooting Any Android Device:
  • A system  " For some 6.0, 7.0+"
  • Kingroot mostly for all android versions from (4.0 - 6.0) and also Kingoroot.
  • For most 7.0 devices system is the best shot for that.
Download Kingoroot
kingroot to root android
Android Root 2020

Download Kingroot Below

As for those having difficulties, comment your phone version and model below to enable me assist you with further steps on how to go about it.
It is advisable to get a backup of your device in case anything goes wrong on the way to victory.

I believe if you follow my steps " Na super SU go dey rush you ".
After a successful rooting you will get an app installed named " Super SU".
That app gives all application Root access, view image below for mine.

supersu root access to applications
Granting applications root access
Feel free to ask questions,  would answer all questions as soon as possible.
Thank you
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  1. How about Itelp31 can I still use king root?? V 7.0

    1. Make a test by trying and let us know. If it doesnt work get a laptop

  2. Please I can't install it on my tecno w2 please help me

    1. Make sure your data is active and click on install anyway when any pop up comes out.

  3. It didn't work for me . Am using tecno camon cm android version 7.0

  4. How do i root my infinix hot 5 .. V 7.0...
    It doesn't want to root

  5. Mine is not installing. I don't know why

    1. Make sure you click on install anyway when a popuo comes out

  6. none of the root app is working for my phone wx3p tecno

  7. It is not working in my leagoo kicaa power

  8. I haven't tried but i want to root my phone
    Tecno spark 2
    Version 8.1,how do i go about it please. I need to root it successfully without bricking my phone.

    1. would be really difficult.. Yours requires system. BY flashing CWRP recovery and installing superSU

  9. Tecno Camon Cx Air
    I want to root it.. How do I go about it

  10. Samsung galaxy grand prime plus SM-G532F....didnt work oo

  11. Mine is infinix hot 5 pro x559c

  12. I have Android 8.0.. i tried kingoroot still nothing, I even tried pc. .still nothing. .i search online andi saw steps like unlocking boot kosder, install recovery twrp and flashing magisk or super su. I think that is the only way to root 7.0 above or 8.0 above

    1. Very correct. I also made a post on how go about that using sp flash tool..

  13. I have Android 8.0,i tried kingoroot still nothing,I even tried pc version.still nothing.i search online and i saw steps like unlocking boot loader, install custom recovery twrp and flashing magisk or super su. I think that is the only way to root 7.0 above or 8.0 above

    1. Rooted android 8.1 by flashing recovery and installing super su. That works better

  14. Even, when I had an Android smartphone, I never thought about rooting it. In my opinion, if you don't know how to do it correctly, it may lead to bad consequences.

  15. Infiinix hot 4 Lite 6.0 not working
    With kingroot

  16. Infiinix hot 4 Lite not root with king root help me out

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