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Create Whatsapp TV
How To Create Whatsapp TV
Are you wanting to create a whatsapp TV and you are probably lost on where to start or even how to start?
So today we shall be getting in details how to create a whatsapp TV in 2020.
In details, I mean a step by step guide for dummies and trust me, getting this done from this post will for sure come out positive.

    Before we get started, WhatsApp TV has definitely come to stay and for sure thousands have gotten quite an interesting tactics in achieving the desired goal and target for the main purpose of creating the whatsapp TV 📺.
    In the eyes of many whatsapp users, getting to create his/her own whatsapp TV might be quite easy and a fast movement to make or achieve great progress, but that is not the case.

    Indeed it is quite easy and progressive, but before then, you should be rest assured to follow due process and ensure the main purpose of your whatsapp TV 📺 shouldn't be engineered to making money, as this case brings forth bad outcome at the end. So be rest assured to get the first step started and be certain to grow gradually with a good progression.

    If you have been in search on how to create a whatsapp TV in 2020, then you are so lucky to have stumbled upon this article today.
    At the end of this mind blowing article, droidvilla tech is assured of one thing!
    You reading this will sure make  good and active whatsapp TV just after getting to follow due steps we have provided below.

    There are quite some interesting Whatsapp TV I follow and indeed I must say, the owners are damn doing real great as it is well moderate and the purpose of the whatsapp TV is number one priority displayed. 

    Finally we are just right at the beginning but not the end of the road on how to create a whatsapp TV in 2020.

    How To Create An Active WhatsApp TV In 2020

    For those who might be a bit confused on what Whatsapp TV is all about, here is what we have got to that question in mind.

    WhatsApp Television abbreviated to Whatsapp TV 📺 is a branded account that specifically seek to entertain, inform, educate, reach and update people on WhatsApp via the whatsapp added status feature introduced few years ago.

    This whatsapp status feature was specifically designed for contacts to share their photos, videos and special moments across to their contacts but turns out to be more fun and monetization feature for most whatsapp users who found the feature so useful and worth it.

    Most whatsapp TV 📺 are mainly aimed in passing out news updates, funny memes, funny videos, twerk videos, music updates and most especially entertainment which is most growing and indeed a boredom killer in this era of the pandemic Coronavirus 2020.

    Good things happen just when you don't know, and here I am to boldly say whatsapp TV 📺 is currently one of the best Online social media advertising strategy to get started with active and legit desired audience for your just started business or existing business.

    There are for sure thousands of Whatsapp TV out there and getting to find the right whatsapp TV for your adverts is quite challenging, but trust me when you find the right one, as it will definitely give your business a good boost to reach out to the right audience.

    Can't still believe I am still on the talk! So forgive me and lets get started on how to successfully create a Whatsapp TV 📺 in 2020.

    Here are things needed to start a Whatsapp TV in 2020

    Before getting started in creating a whatsapp TV, here are some requirements to gwt started.
    1. Android or iOS Device
    2. A new sim card
    3. A short and perfect name for the TV 📺 
    4. A Simple and quality Logo
    5. Pixellap, InShot app or any photo and video editing app of your choice

    • Android Or iOS Device:

    Getting started with a good Android device should be highly considered as you are not just getting to start a whatsapp TV 📺 without having a good hope to get known and expand your TV channel.

    So Droidvilla Tech Recommends an Android with 2GIG of RAM or more, 1.8GHZ processor and internal ROM of 32GIG or more and for certain a memory card (External storage) to save more images and videos if necessary.

    • A new sim card

    Oh yes! Surely you don't want to use your main simcard for a whatsapp TV 📺 channel, so we recommend you get a new simcard of your choice to get started with the whatsapp TV process.

    • A short and perfect name for the TV

    Yes you got this right! You should consider giving your whatsapp TV a short and simple name to avoid users or invitees loose interest in joining your Whatsapp TV. Whatsapp TV's with short name is sighted to do jist fine as it feels so easy and short to talk about or forward to contacts and friends.

    So you should get this considered!

    • A Simple and quality Logo 

    Who doesn't want a simple and unique Logo for his or her whatsapp business?
    Definitely nobody! So, you need a perfect, funny and amazing whatsapp TV logo to get started. You can contact LegitDroid Design for your perfect, simple and funny logo for your whatsapp TV @2000 only.

    You shall get a 2D white and black png format for watermark purposes and adverts.

    • Pixellap, InShot app or any photo and video editing app of your choice

    Of course, you will need one of this applications to ensure all your photos and videos are watermarked to get more insights from online shares and adverts.
    By getting your images and videos watermarked, your whatsapp TV 📺 is sure of getting external contacts and users. This is highly recommended and required for everyone wanting to get started with a Whatsapp TV.
    Now you have got all these things, you are good to kickoff the process. 
    • Download and install Whatsapp Business 
    • Launch the downloaded Whatsapp Business
    • Now proceed by inputting your new simcard phone number you wish to use for the whatsapp TV and simply verify the account using the OTP sent to the number. 
    • Just after your account is verified, you will need to set up a whatsapp TV 📺 name along side with a canva image for profile picture 🖼 setup. (Note:Name is your whatsapp TV and profile picture should be your whatsapp TV 📺 logo, just if you don't have one get yours with  LegitDroid Design) . Tap next to proceed!
    Congratulations, you have successfully created a whatsapp TV 📺, but hold on, we still got some amazing tips for you at no cost.

    Tips to get started after successfully creating a whatsapp TV 📺

    • Getting Started in audience (Family) 

    Just after you might have successfully created a whatsapp TV 📺, first thing first! You need to get started with building your audience. I prefer calling it family!
    At first you need to get this done before thinking on monetizing your whatsapp TV 📺.
    Yes it is 100% possible to monetize your whatsapp TV 📺, but please not now! Start with audience and publicity.

    The more contacts you acquire the more whatsapp status views you get and for certain, that is the main goal and aim. Having good number of views on your whatsapp TV status is a good criteria in getting started with monetization.

    • Getting Started with Whatsapp TV monetization

    Before starting whatsapp TV monetization, you should be sure of having lots of whatsapp contacts as this would bring more advertisers to your DM. You can make a screenshot of your whatsapp TV status views and upload as a status thanking and appreciating all viewers and contacts for support.

    By so doing, you can even get advertisers directly from your family (viewers).

    Another means of monetization is by Affiliate Marketing! 
    Thinking what that means?
    Affiliate marketing lets you advertise a particular business, product, or whatsoeve,  in interest of getting a reward for each referred person to purchase a product or sign up to a particular business. So now you see! Take an instance for branch, piggyvest and the likes which offers referral bonuses.

    In summary, affiliate marketing is aimed at promoting other people businesses, companies products or whatsoever form in interest to get a commission.
    The best example is that of Konga Affiliate marketing, and Jumia affiliate (J-Force) also known as Jumia Sales Consultant, where you get a certain amount of cash for each sales made on the platform through you.

    Having to join a platform which majors on referral earnings, getting your referral link shared on your whatsapp TV status is one big way of getting cool cash, as you get paid per referral.

    That is the major reason the first tip we made mentioned of, was building your whatsapp Audience. Now you know the importance!

    • How to get more whatsapp status views/Contacts on your new whatsapp TV 📺 

    The best and more efficient way popularly done is the referral contest strategy and indeed it comes out positive. So you are recommended to hold a referral contest to achieve a good number of contacts and views to your whatsapp TV 📺.

    Also, you can decide to run adverts of your whatsapp TV 📺 on blogs! This will also give your whatsapp TV 📺 an edge to others. Currently, we are running ads at a mkre cheaper RATE to our visitors. Do you know why?

    We believe helping others in any way, opens a bigger way to more blessing. So don't get scared of Droidvilla Tech, we shall run an ads for your whatsapp TV 📺 for a giveaway price and be rest assured of getting positive results. You can contact Droidvilla Tech Assist via whatsapp for whatsapp TV adverts.

    • Getting contents for your whatsapp TV 📺 ? 

    The best way in getting contents for your whatsapp TV 📺 to get your contacts not bored of your TV 📺 is by ensuring you to update the right updates to your status and to get this contents is quite easy and we highly recommend Twitter for savage response, funny memes videos, hilarious replies, leaked and eye catching headlines and topics to keep your viewers active.

    You can as well get right contents from facebook and partially Instagram. We said partially on Instagram because not everyone will want to spend lots of data on Instagram! So, you go with the recommended.
    Note: Don't forget to get started with all images and videos with watermarks on them!
    You will definitely need a Twitter video downloader just incase you come across any video you wish to watermark and share on your whatsapp TV 📺.
    Here we have come to the end, but trust there is more to this and we have taken it upon ourselves to always update this article with latest and new ways in growing your whatsapp TV 📺.

    For further assistance, do ensure to use the comment section to drop your queries and it shall be attended to swiftly.
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