9mobile Esim Activation and How To Get Free 7GB Data

9mobile esim free 7gb
9mobile eSim free 7gb data
What we all expected and that is competition in the telecom industry. Just a month after MTN Nigeria Announced the first Esim availability in the Nation Nigeria to witness the revolution of an invisible sim technology called MTN Esim.

Still in the process of making it better, 9mobile couldn't wait any longer and obviously a better deal to spice up the game as they introduced 9mobile Esim with an exciting offer of free 7gb worth of data on successful purchase and activation of the 9mobile Esim.

    In as much as Artificial Intelligence is already paving ways in many aspect, the telecommunication companies are still in the business in adapting the initiative of the AI, to better serve their customers as technology changes each and every day in the world.
    The initiative of the Invisible Esim as we discussed last month on the MTN Esim announcement promises to have lots of advantages. We shall further talk abput the benefits of the 9mobile Esim availability and Activation.

    9Mobile eSim Benefits Compared To Old 9mobile Sim

    We shall be straight in getting the benefits, but just if you wish to get in full details about the benefits of the invisible Sim called eSim, you can be redirected to our previous post on MTN eSim
    • The 9mobile eSim is said to be invisible which is only integrated on mobile devices and can not be visible by users.
    • There is no more sim swap
    • One phone and multiple network provider number in just one Esim.
    • 9mobile eSim Supports of multiple numbers which is more than one number on a single eSim embedded on the device.
    • No simcard lost as it can't be missing and the eSim can be retrieved without having to worry about much.
    • 9mobile eSim activation comes reloaded with free 7GB 9mobile data once activation process is completed.
    • No more cutting of sim either from Macro, Micro or Nano sim.

    9mobile Esim Activation and How To Get Free 7GB Data

    9mobile esim free 7gb data
    9mobile eSim activation
    Here is a short summary on how to get your own 9mobile eSim and get it activated with free 9mobile 7gb data.
    On Successful Activation of the 9mobile eSim, you get free 9mobile 7gb data.
    • If you wish to get the 9mobile eSim, you are directed to visit any close 9mobile outlet to make a purchase and get it activated.
    • Old sim 9mobile users can also visit any 9mobile outlet to perform one time sim swap to the latest 9mobile eSim.
    •  On successful sim swap or purchase of 9mobile eSim, you will receive free 9mobile 7gb worth of data, which is valid for 30days 1month.

    Mobile devices that supports 9mobile eSim

    As previously mentioned on the MTN eSim review, we are sure not all Mobile devices is compatible for the invisible eSim integration, so here we shall drop some major devices that supports the 9mobile eSim.

    Here are devices that supports eSim in general. 

    • iPhones
    • Samsung products
    • Google pixel smartphones
    • Huawei products and more.

    In order to be safe while purchasing 9mobile eSim, during visit to any 9mobile outlet close by, you will be addressed on devices that supports the eSim before purchase is made.
    Once your device is compatible, you can go ahead to purchase and activate the 9mobile invisible sim (eSim) and get rewarded with free 9mobile 7gb data valid for 30days..

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