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Download Freeflix TV and Stream Live DSTV Hosting Channels For Free

Hacked dstv freeflix tv
FreeFlix DSTV Live Channels
Finally, here is another hacked dstv vtv free streaming alternative application FreeFlix TV which lets you stream live DSTV hosting channels directly on your android mobile.

    After much of Activation error in the vtv dstv hacked application, we have decided to bring to your internet search an app called freeflix tv which lets you watch and stream live DSTV channels directly on your android mobile device. In as much as we have got few users enjoying the free dstv hacked vtv app with the limited activation code, we still don't like the fact people still complain on our telegram group and channel about the activation error code.

    So here we are with yet another cool alternative to fill in the gap of the DSTV Hacked vtv apk activation error and streaming difficulty. This new alternative app will let you stream  live DSTV channels all for free and directly from your mobile device without hassle.
    Before we get started, here is what we know about the freeflix TV that lets you watch DSTV channels fore free.
    Download Freeflix TV apk directly from our telegram channel and start streaming live dstv channels on the go

    What Is Freeflix TV

    FreeFlix tv is an Android application that streams live TV channels directly to your mobile device. Furthermore, the previous hacked dstv vtv app is also an IPTV stalker which can be used to stream live channels. One good thing about the Freeflix is the fact it can stream a more number of DSTV channels on the go. Moreover, the downside comes up to be that this freeflix TV shows lesser of Africa Channels offered by DSTV and certainly doesn't have live channel for the Popular trending TV 📺 show BBNaija.
    However, not giving up, the BBNaija TV show could still be found on the hacked dstv vtv app.
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    Features of freeflix tv

    Here are few features of the Freeflix TV that we pretty know about!
    • Use external player
    • Import iptv url and file
    • Cast to screen
    • Wide range of channels
    • No activation code

    Use external player:

    If you don’t like the developer player interface of the app, you can as well choose from available external player to stream or watch your video. The freeflix TV supports few external media players if and only if you don't like the inbuilt freeflix player. 

    Import IPTV URL And File

    Strictly for those who already have an iptv file or an iptv url, you can swiftly import the iptv url to the freeflix app and enjoy which is not available for streaming on the Freeflix app. 

    Cast To Screen 

    Yet another great feature of the Freeflix, as you can cast your androidddevice screen directly to your TV screen for a bigger and larger streaming view.

    Wide Range Of Channels 

    The Freeflix TV app has a very wide range of channels that can be streamed on it,. From our findings, this freeflix Android app is one of the best IPTV stalker application as it offers wider range of hosting channels.

    No Activation Code

    The best part of Freeflix TV is the free access which doesn't require any activation code just as the previous Hacked dstv vtv app required. So this one is sure enjoyable and fun filled.

    Download Hacked DSTV FreeFlix Apk

    Download freeflix tv apk directly on our telegram channel and watch DSTV hosting channels live. 

    Here are some steps to follow to set up your app

    This is quite easy and explanatory than the previous one which is the DSTV Hacked vtv application. Before getting started with the installation process, do ensure mobile your device is set to allow unknown source installation. If this isn't set or you are not sure, follow settings below to enable or turn on Allow unknown source installation.
    • Navigate to settings
    • Security settings 
    • Now tap on the enable installation from unknown sources.
    After enabling unknown source proceed to continue below
    • After installing, click on the ‘watch now’ button
    • Now select IPTV 2 button to stream available DSTV hostingcchannels on the go.
    • Wait patiently for all channels on the IPTV 2 to load, once it is successfully loaded, simply tap on movies section by the left side and then boom, you will see amazing dstv movies channel to stream live on the go.
    Hacked dstv freeflix tv
    Hacked dstv freeflix tv

    As a Nigerian you might possibly want to watch some Africa tv channels, you can get this channels from the IPTV 3 option and search for Nigeria or any country of your choice to get the list of available hosting channels to stream.
    This hacked dstv freeflix tv app comes with an adult channel which we know might interest most persons, so there you go.
    Ensure to set parental guidance passkey to avoid unauthorized view of the adult channels
    Don't forget to download the FREEFLIX tv apk directly from our telegram Channel. 
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