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Download DSTV Cracked/Hacked Apk and Watch Over 2500+ DSTV Live Channels for FREE via VTV Apk

Hacked dstv apk download
Hacked DSTV apk download
Happy Sunday from Droidvilla Tech to all esteemed followers and viewers of this post! Here is another free movie streaming application we are about to share for free and that is dstv hacked/cracked application for Android and also how to Watch Over 2000+ DSTV Channels for FREE via VTV Apk.

DSTV hacked apk app is more like the hacked netflix mod apk application that lets you stream millions of HQ movies ranging from Actions, comedy, horror, Animations, scientific and series.

    We shall be giving out the direct Download link of the hacked DSTV apk app and also the activation dstv key to watch thousands of movies channel and live matches online without having to subscribe for any dstv package.

    We have too long overlooked dms and group messages request concerning hacked dstv apk and where to download, how to download and how to activate the dstv hacked apk in 2020.

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    This cracked dstv apk is different from that of the normal DSTV NOW app that is made available on app stores and PlayStore to all DSTV customers that would prefer watching live channels and movies channels any time and any day directly from their Android device or iPhone, provided the DSTV NOW apk is installed and linked. Also, the DSTV NOW app is not free as you have to subscribe normal on your Android device before having to get started with streaming.

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    However, with the hacked DSTV app installed and activated on your Android device you will be for sure able to watch and stream Over 2000+ DSTV Channels for FREE on the VTV Apk on your android totally free.

    If you are one who go online to search for "Hacked dstv apk, dstv mod, dstv cracked apk or how to watch dstv for free on Android" be glad and rejoice as we are the right plug in ending the search of hacked DSTV apk download in 2020/2021.

    Procedures To Download DSTV Hacked Apk Free and How To Activate DSTV Hacked APK

    Here is what you need to start streaming live and unlimited channels on DSTV for free
    • Hacked DSTV Apk
    • Win Zip premium [Free]
    • DSTV hacked Activation code
    • Internet access (3g or 4g (Recommended))

    Download Hacked/Cracked DSTV APK 

    Here is the direct Download link to latest hacked dstv apk for Android!

    Download Win Zip Premium Apk

    Now download Win Zip Premium Apk app for free

    We encrypted the zip file above for security reasons, do join us on Telegram to get the Zip unlock code
    Ensure to follow due steps accordingly to get this hacked dstv application working.

    How To Watch All DSTV Channels For Free On Android

    Follow steps below to get started!
    Ensure you allow installation from unknown source via settings - - Security - -  now tick the allow installation source. 
    • Now the next thing to do is to install the app directly from your telegram app or from the download folder of your device if you set it there, and after successful installation, launch the app(the app appears as VTV on your app drawer, with a V logo).

    After installation and opening the app, do tap on the skip button when promoted to update the application. Hitting the update button will automatically deactivate the process.
    • After hitting the skip button you  will be requested to input an activation code. Don't worry we have provided the activation code on the zip file we uploaded above.
    • Now open .txt file found inside the unzipped folder and copy the code and paste into the Hacked DSTV application input box.
    • Just after inputting activation code, tap on the activate button and an error pop up message will appear which reads "the activation code has been used". Don't worry hit the again button and same message will reappear. Finally tap on the cancel button and the message will immediately disappear. Tap on login button and you are good to go. 
    Finally you are set and now here is how to watch DSTV free on android

    DSTV VTV Activation Codes

    Get over 20+ DSTV vtv activation codes directly from our telegram channel HERE

    How To Watch Unlimited DSTV Channels For Free Using DSTV Hacked Apk

    Now you have successfully activated the DSTV Hacked App, now to get started with DSTV, simply use the search box and search for dstv or you can scroll down to DSTV option and tap on it.

    Finally you will be able to see all DSTV channels live on your android device for free.
    Ensure to always hit the activate button whenever the pop up shows.
    Below are images of me streaming live Africa Magic Epic movie and  super sports 4 live on my Android.
    Hacked dstv app vvt
    Dstv hacked on vvt apk
    Dstv hacked using vvt apk
    Vvt app showing dstv
    Hacked dstv app vvt
    Streaming about to start
    Dstv hacked using vvt apk
    Supersports 4 on dstv hacked
    Dstv hacked using vvt apk
    Supersports 4 dstv hacked
    Hacked dstv app vvt
    Supersports live on vvt
    Dstv hacked using vvt apk
    Amagic live on dstv hacked
    Hacked dstv app vvt
    Amagic live on dstv hacked
    Hacked dstv app vvt
    Hacked dstv app vvt
    Hacked dstv app vvt
    Dstv hacked 2020
    We encrypted the zip file above for security reasons, do join us on Telegram to get the Zip unlock code

    In summary Of The Whole Long Story On How To Watch DSTV Channels on Hacked DSTV Apk via VVT. 

    After you must have downloaded the zip file and unlocked it by joining our telegram channel to get the encryption code. Simply open the application and hit the skip button when prompted to update. After it is closed, you will be required to put an activation code which we have provided on our telegram channel or you can click here to get list of available working dstv hacked Activation code.

    Now input any of the activation code and hit the activate button. Now you should get an error code, tap on activate again. Still same error, simply tap on the cancel button and hit the login button to get signed in immediately and start streaming live dstv channels on the DSTV Hacked apk via vvt app.

    Just incase you get a message that you are kicked out or someone else has logged into the same account, simply tap on the activate button and follow same steps to enjoy.
    Also, if you are logged in watching Any of the dstv channel, no one will be able to log onto that particular channel as far as you are streaming from the hacked dstv app via vvt.
    Don't forget to leave a comment...
    Your comments matters a lot to us! Thank you 
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    Disclaimer: No dstv or multi choice app was hacked. All the codes provided here are already on the internet. Droidvilla Tech is just resharing the codes and applications! THANK YOU
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    1. It's not working, it's saying error.

      1. When I do that, after logging in to will say activation code error

      2. Is buying the activation code possible?

      3. That we don't know at the moment. But we are checking for possible means that could be achieved

    2. can u please drop the zip code

    3. You are doing well bro. Wish I could hug you. God bless You.
      But this ting dey chop data ooo

    4. Can you kindly drop the zip code for the file. Without the file zip code it is inaccessible and totally useless. And I believed the purpose of sharing it on your blog is for others to benefit from it.

      1. Kindly note that the Zip code is on the telegram channel....

    5. I am on your telegram channel and I can't find the zip password for the file, please help me

      1. The Zip unlock code is all in small letters

    6. Please help with a working activation code, all code doesn't seem to work

      1. All codes working.. You just have to be lucky to get signed in as thousand are trying to get logged in with that same code.

        We are working on that tho, join our telegram group and channel to get updates.

    7. I keep getting getdata error. Moreover I only got one activation code

    8. Bro, it required zip code even to open the txt file.

    9. What is the login details.
      Because I don't have dstv

    10. I logged in and I searched for DStv but nothing is showing

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