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FMwhatsapp mod V8.45 apk download [Latest FMwhatsapp Mod]

FMwhatsapp v8.45 latest download
Latest FMwhatsapp v8.45 apk updates download 
For the lovers of unofficial whatsapp messaging platform, we have got an update to FMwhatsapp v 8.40 which was released on the 12/08/2020 after the FMwhatsapp v 8.35 update.

    With the latest FMwhatsapp mod update you can easily download and update either from the v 8.40 or v 8.35 and any other late versions to the latest FMwhatsapp v.8.45 update.

    About FMwhatsapp Apk Mod App

    Just like the likes of gbwhatsapp, yowhatsapp, coocoo whatsapp etc. FMwhatsapp is similar to them but has tons of customizable ui interface and for sure more user friendly as users like to take charge of what they use or have.
    FMwhatsapp is another modified unofficial whatsapp messenger which adds additional security options and more ui interface fetaures which is not available on the parent Official Whatsapp Messaging platform.

    Is FMwhatsapp Safe To Download and Install?

    We know you must have this question in mind and we just can't wait for you to ask it first, so we will gladly answer even before you ask.

    Yes! FMwhatsapp is as for the time of this post published safe to download and install as we have got no complain or issues in regards to the installation or use of FMwhatsapp.

    Can I get Banned Using FMwhatsapp Mod?

    Answer is YES! But there is a bigger NO also.
    The possibility of getting banned will be only present if and only if you don't get the update of a new version when it is out for download and update. In as much as they update new security codes and patches to every latest update, it is quite advisable to also update the applications as soon as they have update, just to keep the app up to date and safe always.

    So, provided you keep on checking on our website for Latest FMwhatsapp Mod latest update versions, you will be safe and will not experience whatsapp Account Ban.

    Where Can I Download FMwhatsapp Mod Latest APK Version 2020

    Droidvilla Tech is here, so there is no need asking further as we shall be providing the direct Download link to FMwhatsapp latest mod apk app v.8.45.

    Direct Download FMwhatsapp Apk Mod App v8.45

    FMwhatsapp v8.45 latest download
    FMwhatsapp v8.45 latest download
    Here is the direct Download link to the Latest FMwhatsapp Mod apk app version 8.45 mod apk app

    How To Update FMwhatsapp Apk App

    Hoping you don't be among those who will go as far as Uninstalling the previous FMwhatsapp 8.40 before getting to install the latest FMwhatsapp v.8.45.
    If you are one who does this, please don't anymore.
    Follow steps below to get an update of a new FMwhatsapp latest version without having to Uninstall previous version.
    • Download the latest FMwhatsapp mod apk app from the above link or here
    • Now go to file manager and locate download folder either in internal storage or external storage as the case may be. 
    • Find the just downloaded FMwhatsapp Latest Apk version v.8.45 and tap on it
    • Now you should see, would you like to install an update of this application? Simply hit on the OK button.
    • Wait for it to be installed successfully, go back and open the FMwhatsapp from your app menu and it is done. You can see from the change log of the new FMwhatsapp update.
    Enjoy FMwhatsapp and do check back on this post for Latest updates on FMwhatsapp Mod Apk app. 
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