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Google Updates Assistant Snapshot With More Recommendations

Google Updates Assistant Snapshot With More Recommendations
This update will make Google Assistant Snapshot more proactive and helpful for all users.
google assistant snapshot featured
google assistant snapshot featured

Digital assistants have come a long way. Google Assistant and Siri are leading the charge, and Google is giving Assistant a new improvement that'll give it a leg up over the competition from Apple.
Google announced on The Keyword that it's bringing improvements to its Google Assistant Snapshot feature, which it first introduced two years ago. The update is designed to make the feature more proactive and helpful, whether you use Android or iOS.
What's New With Google Assistant Snapshot?

The Snapshot feature was already pretty useful, but Google is ramping it up with some new features. It already told you about key things such as reminders to pay credit cards, commute times, and so on.
Now, it'll remind you about your friends' upcoming birthdays and holidays.
 It'll adjust these reminders based on the time of day, so you should always receive information that's relevant to you at that moment.Google is also adding tailored recommendations to Assistant Snapshot. 
With these, you'll get recommendations based on your preferences for podcasts, nearby restaurants, and more.With this update, Assistant even provides recipe recommendations that'll help you decide what to make for your next meal.

How To Use Google Assistant Snapshot
If you'd like to take advantage of the new features offered by Google Assistant Snapshot, you'll simply need to say "Hey Google, show me my day." From there, you'll get access to the Snapshot and all the handy information contained within.
show me my day snapshot
show me my day snapshot

The new goodies are already available in regions where English is the default language. The update will continue to roll out to additional languages in the coming months.The information that was already available in Assistant Snapshot will continue to show up, so if you relied on it for finding out how long it will take you to get to work or when you need to pay a bill, you don't need to worry.

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