MTN Free MyMTNApp 500MB Welcome Bonus Accumulation Cheat Is Back and Here Is How It Works[100%]

MyMTNApp 500mb welcome Accumulation cheat
MyMTNApp 500mb welcome back data bonus Accumulation cheat
The return of the MyMTNApp Free 500mb bonus data Accumulation trick we previously shared last year and here can I say it is back. Before the publishing of this post, the MyMTNApp 500mb bonus Accumulation cheat 2020 is confirmed working and accumulated by me. We also gave a pre notice on something cooking as at yesterday on our Telegram Channel and Group, you can join us to never miss an update on free browsing cheats.

    Getting to say little about this mymtnapp free 500mb data bonus offer by mtn, we will be glad to let you know that this new mymtnapp 500mb data bonus is different from that of the MyMTNApp Download Bonus as discussed late last year. From the received pop up message from MyMTNApp, it was boldly written ' 500MB Welcome Bonus' which we are pretty sure comes up to be something that might possibly interest everyone reading this.
    We decided to drop this mymtnapp welcome back 500mb data bonus Accumulation cheat this morning to enable each and everyone of us to get the required sim for this cheat process.

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    About The MyMTNApp Free Welcome Back 500mb Bonus Accumulation Trick

    In as much as we are sincere to our unique visitors and family members of Droidvilla Tech, we are right to say this new MyMTNApp free 500mb Bonus Accumulation trick will work for Welcome Back sims only as it was the source of the findings. Nevertheless, getting to use another simcard not welcome back might luckily work out to be correct. Before then we shall be getting to let you know how the free mymtnapp 500mb data bonus will show.

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    MyMTNApp Free 500mb Welcome Bonus Accumulation Process 2020

    Welcome back 500mb mymtnapp
    MyMTNApp 500mb welcome back data bonus cheat
    Before getting started with the MyMTNApp free 500mb welcome bonus Accumulation trick here are things to note about.

    • Get a new welcome back sim and get it registered from any MTN outlet close by
    • After successfully getting the MTN welcome back sim registered, simply do a top up of n100 and make a call to activate the sim.
    • Now download MyMTNApp from PlayStore (skip the download and open the MyMTNApp if you already have the MyMTNApp installed on your device).
    • After successfully downloading and installing hit the login option and you will be logged in automatically.
    • Just wait for a minute or less and you should get a pop up on the screen congratulating you for Free 500mb welcome bonus.
    Please don't hit the Activate Now button yet. Follow below steps
    • Tap on the "Not now, maybe later button". 
    • On the next screen you should see a message like (y'ello Droidvilla, you have been rewarded with 500mb free data + a free offer. Click to activate data and crack the egg to view offer!!
    • Now, before hitting the click to activate button, go to your mobile network settings and change your data network connectivity to 3G or possibly 2G.
    • After switching to 3G or 2G, go back to your MyMTNApp and hit the click to activate data button to get just the MyMTNApp free 500mb welcome bonus data offer. If you wish to get over 11gb data plus just like the screenshot above please follow the below step.

    MyMTN 500mb Accumulation cheat
    MyMTNApp 500mb Accumulation cheat 2020

    How To Accumulate MyMTNApp Welcome 500mb Free Data Bonus 2020

    To accumulate this free MyMTNApp welcome back 500mb bonus data offer, simply tap on the activate now button and don't wait for it to load finish, immediately press the back button and hit the activate now button again and tap the cancel button.. Do this fast and continuously to accumulate this free 500mb mymtnapp welcome back bonus data offer.
    Ensure to follow steps below and you should get this accumulated and free. Note that the MyMTNApp free 500mb welcome data bonus offer is valid for a day (24hr)

    In summary Of MTN Free MyMTNApp 500MB Bonus Accumulation Trick [100%]

    Accumulate mymtnapp 500mb welcome back bonus data
    MyMTNApp 2020 500mb Accumulation cheat
    We have explained too much but there is a need of this summary for those who would prefer a short description of how this works.

    To get the MyMTNApp app free 500mb welcome back data bonus offer simply get a new welcome back sim card registered and get it recharged with N100 to complete registration activation. Now get your data connection activated and download MyMTNApp or you can skip the download if you already have the MyMTNApp installed on the device. Open the MyMTNApp and you should see a welcome back 500mb data bonus offer, simply tap on the remind me later button. Now go to your phone settings, network connection settings and switch your data connection to 3g  or 2g and go back to the MyMTNApp. Now to accumulate this mymtnapp welcome back 500mb data bonus, simply hit the click to activate data button and immediately press the cancel button. Do this as many times as you want the free MyMTNApp 500mb welcome back data bonus accumulated.

    Once you are satisfied and tired of the process simply let it load and go to your dialer and dial *131*4# to check your available data balance offer. You will be shocked to see howmuch data you have accumulated from the MyMTNApp welcome back free 500mb data bonus.

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