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Earn Over N10000 Weekly With This Top 5 Paying Referral Apps In Nigeria 2020

Top 5 referral earning apps
Earn Over N10000 Weekly With This Top 5 Paying Referral Apps In Nigeria 2020
Make over N10000 weekly with this top 5 paying referrals applications in Nigeria 2020 by simply sharing your referral links to your friends and family members.
How about you get paid by referring an application to someone who might possibly be a friend, brother, sister or family member? Yeah, it is 100% possible to make cool money online in Nigeria.

    Even in the pandemic situation, their are thousands of applications out there willing to pay awesomely by just referral conditions. Nothing much, all you have to do is simply get to tell a friend about an app and invite them to download and sign up to the application. That is all! You need no much stress on this one as this can be done, anytime, anyday and everywhere.

    In listing this application, we shall also be getting down to every detailed information you need to achieve the purpose of this post and that is to make money with the top 5 paying referral apps in Nigeria we shall be sharing with you for free.

    We are guaranteeing you of the least N10000 every weekend, if you register and start referring your friends to download and use any of the top 5 paying referrals applications via your own personal referral link.
    Before we get started in listing the top 5 paying referral applications in 2020 Review by us we would want to drop a note for you below.

    If you register using any link provided on this post, you are directly registering under Droidvilla Tech C. E. O (Nnoka Godswill).

    Top 5 Paying Referral Applications In Nigeria 2020 (DV Tech)

    Here is a list of recommended Android Applications that pays you for referring people to download and register on threethe application.
    1. Branch
    2. Piggyvest
    3. JumiaOne 
    4. Luno
    5. Cowrywise

    No 1: Branch Referral Program 

    Branch Referral earnings
    Branch Referral program earnings
    Branch will obviously be the first we shall recommend as it offers the biggest referral deal of N1500 to the referees and also N500 to the user.

    About Branch App:

    Financial Access. Anytime, anywhere.
    Branch is said to be the Number 1 most downloaded lending app in the world and this was said on thier Official Facebook page during the 5th Year anniversary.
    Branch 5th anniversary
    Branch 5th Anniversary
    Branch makes it easy for you to access loans for the way you live. Sign up in seconds, apply for a loan and receive your money straight to your account. It's a fast, convenient and reliable

    Key Feature Of Branch App


    Branch Loan is Available in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and India. You can get up to Ksh 70,000, ₦200,000, Tzs 700,000 or Rs. 50,000. Get the right loan for you!

    How To Earn N1500 or N500 On Branch App

    It is quite easy getting started on branch!
    • Firstly Download Branch App From
    • Now open branch app and register successfully
    • Now ensure to tap on the three vertical lines that can be found at the left side of the screen and select the Promotion option.
      Branch promotion Code
      Branch Promotions
    • Finally input my promo CODE ( nnoka26c62 to get ₦ 500 in credit after repaying your first loan).

    How To Get My Branch Promo Code and Referral Link

    It's easy getting your referral link from branch, all you have to do is simply open the branch app and tap on the three vertical lines at the top left side and now tap on the Earn N1,500! Finally hit the Invite Friends button to copy your referral link.
    Just if the person has already downloaded the branch app and is requesting for your promo code simply copy the Code you see above the screen (Send This Code To Friends),
    Ensure your friends input the Promo code before taking a loan and on successful repayment of their first loan, you(referral) will be credited with N1500 and the person will get a credited with N500.

    No 2: Piggy Vest Referral Program

    Top 5 referral apps in nigeria
    Piggyvest Referral Earnings
    Piggyvest is the second on the list and because it pays N1000 per referral despite its lot of beneficiary features which is present on the app, we can say it is one everyone should give a try.

    About Piggyvest

    PiggyVest is the first online “Savings & Investment” app in West Africa. It first launched as “Piggybank.ng” on the 7th of January 2016 as a savings-only platform. ... PiggyVest is on a mission 'to give everyone the power to better manage & grow their own finances', and we intend to be the best at this.

    How To Earn N1000 On PiggyVest App

    Piggyvest will pay you N1000 for every person you bring onboard on the application.
    We already made an article on how to earn free referral N1000 on piggyvest and you can get to read more about piggyvest here.

    Piggyvest is one you should keep track on as it offers great and life savings opportunity.

    No 3: JumiaOne App Referral Program

    Top 5 referral apps in nigeria
    JumiaOne App referral earnings
    Jumiaone app comes out to be the top 5 on the list and obviously the number 3 which is because it offers referral earnings of N500 - N1000. Yes by just signing up on the JumiaOne app and making your first order, you get free N500 sent to your dashboard account which could be transferred into your bank account.
    Currently Jumia will pay you N500 for every referred new user you bring onboard to shop on jumia.

    About JumiaOne App

    JumiaPay (formerly Jumia One) is one of the smartest, convenient & secured ways to do airtime top-up, pay your utility bills & much more, all at the BEST price!

    How To Earn N500 - N1000 On JumiaOne App

    From the look of things, we have also made a post on how to earn N500 on JumiaOne app referral program and also how to earn N1000 still on the JumiaOne app for android or iOS. So, kindly do yourself good by visiting the respective link directions to know how to get the free N500 and N1000 referral earnings from JumiaOne app.

    Currently, the JumiaOne app will be paying you N500 for every referral! So hurry up

    No 4: LUNO Crypto App Referral Program

    Luno Top 5 referral apps in nigeria
    Luno crypto trade app
    Luno appears to be the number 4 and do you know why? Luno pays you N250 worth of bitcoin into your bitcoin address for every person that joins luno through your referral link. Trust me when I say this jokingly is the best amongst the rest as N250 worth of bitcoin could probably get multiplied to a thousand Naira and more as the price of BTC increases in the market.
    For the crypto folks, dive into this and get to register asap.

    What is Luno?

    Luno is a digital currency exchange facility that offers clients a technology platform to buy, sell and store digital currencies as well as pay for products and services using a cryptocurrency wallet. Luno is just one of others with a difference.

    How To Earn N250 On Luno App Referral Program

    • Simply download LUNO app with my referral link
    • After successfully getting registered on Luno,simply download Luno app via PlayStore or AppStore. There are options on the link for direct download during registration.
    If you already have the luno app installed on your device simply tap on the reward section below the screen and select "Input a code" then copy this code ENMFBT and paste . Now hit the Apply code.

    What must be done before luno pays me my referral BTC earnings?

    Before luno pays you N250 worth of bitcoin to your wallet address, be sure the person you referred  has successfully funded any of his wallet address with Minimum of N5000. Once this is done, both of you will get credited with N250 worth of BTC from luno.

    Luno will be glad to have you onboard into the world of crypto with a gift of N250 worth of BTC into your wallet address. Enjoy the rest of your trade with LUNO.

    No 5: Cowrywise Referral Program

    Top 5 referral apps in nigeria
    Cowrywise refer and earn
    Last but definitely not the least, we have got cowrywise which is similar to Piggyvest but piggyvest can I say offers more referral earnings compared to that of cowrywise and obviously that is the reason you are here, to make more money by just referring people. Who knows? You might finally fall in love into any of the above referrals earnings platforms and make more money with this platforms other than just referring people into the platform.

    How To Earn N250 On Cowrywise Referral Program

    As earlier said, Cowrywise will pay you N250 per referral and this is quite so easy to process and a 100% sure funding to your Cowrywise account.
    • To Earn Cowrywise referral cash, simply download   
    • Open Cowrywise and sign up successfully.
    Now to start earning the Cowrywise referral cash, simply go to the refer and N250 section and copy your referral link to share to friends and family members.
    Each referral gives you N250 and there is no limit to how many referrals can get registered using your link. So hurry now

    Conclusion On Top 5 Referral Earning Apps In Nigeria 2020

    Finally we have come to the end of the top 5 paying referrals app in Nigeria 2020 and if you follow due steps correctly, you should be sure of getting over N5000 weekly directly from your comfort zone.

    Don't forget to share this article and do ensure to invite your friends to register using your referral link.
    Thank you and have a blessed day!
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