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SIMO Flash Sale: How To Get SIMO 500MB For N1 [2020]

N1 get simo 500mb data
N1 get simo 500mb data
N1 get simo 500mb data
SIMO Flash Sale: How To Get SIMO 500MB For N1 [2020]
Purchase simo 500mb for just N1 only in 2020 starting from the 8th - 14th of September 2020 and for the first 5000 users of the simo app.
Here is that special offer you have been waiting for and its coming from SIMO Network Providers, which lets you browse the internet on some specific Android smartphone with simcard.

Not forgetting SIMO apk app is currently giving out free 50mb when you buy any supported virtual Android smartphone and get started with the SIMO apk app installed on the device.

    Early this year 2020 we had SIMO free 11gb data to surf the internet for free without simcard on purchase of an eligible device and simply signing up on the SIMO apk app. Furthermore, late last year we got the free simo 10gb data for free to all eligible Android devices that supports the virtual network provider.

    In a bid to get more users to purchase the Android smartphone devices that supports virtual networks, SIMO is introducing a super flash sale starting tomorrow (8th September 2020), which every simo user will be eligible to participate and get 500mb worth of data for as low as N1 only. The simo n1 for 500mb is starting tomorrow and just if you wish to get this offer, you can get ready to be among the first 5000 customers to purchase this N1 for 500mb simo data flash sales.

    Here are what we know about the Simo Flash sale and the SIMO N1 for 500mb Starting on the 8th of September 2020.

    Supported Devices Of Simo 

    Before getting started you should be sure to know that the simo is for only supported devices and here are some Android smartphone devices that supports SIMO Network.

    List of Android phones that supports Simo App

    • Wiko Tommy 3
    • Wiko Tommy 3 Plus
    • BLU G90
    • BLU G9
    • TECNO Camon 12
    • TECNO Camon 12 Pro
    • Tecno Pouvoir 4
    • Tecno Pouvoir 4 Pro
    You can get to know more simo supported devices from the official simo website!

    How To Get 500MB SIMO Data For N1

    Simo n1 for 500mb
    N1 get simo 500mb data
    Just if you own a simo supported device, you can get started in getting SIMO 500MB for N1 only.
    To purchase this simo flash sale offer of N1 for 500MB, simply follow steps below.
    • Open the SIMO apk app on the supported device
    • Register and get started on the SIMO app
    • Now tap on the flash sale deal banner on the screen of the SIMO app
    For now the flash sale deal is not yet active, so by tomorrow been the 8th September 2020 the flash sale deal will be live and you can now quickly make purchase of the simo n1 for 500mb.

    Things To Note About The Simo N1 For 500mb Flash Sale 2020

    N1 get simo 500mb data
    N1 get simo 500mb data
    Simo flash sale deal
    Simo connected successfully 
    Here are things you need to note before getting started with the simo flash sale deal of N1 for 500mb.
    1. Simo supports eligible devices (you can check here to see list of eligible devices)
    2. This is a one time offer and can not be accumulated
    3. You pay just N1 and get rewarded with 500mb
    4. This flash sale deal is for the first 5000 users to purchase this offer.

    SIMO Flash Sale Terms and Conditions To Get SIMO N1 for 500mb

    N1 get simo 500mb data
    Terms and conditions
    1. Activity duration: from 8th to 14th September.
    2. Only the first 5,000 users could get the offerings in the duration!
    3. Every user has ONE chance to get 50OMB with validity of 15 days by paying 1NGN in the duration.
    4. This SIMO 500MB Flash-Sale is a one-time offering.
    5. Multiple users on the same device share the same chance. If one user buys this SIMO 500MB Flash-Sale with 1NGN, other users on the same device cannot buy it again.
    6. This SIMO 500MB Flash-Sale could not be refunded or transferred to other users.
    7. SIMO reserves the right, subject to applicable laws, to withdraw data in fraud cases. SIMO reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.
    That's all you need to know about the simo flash sale deal of N1 for 500mb...

    Simo 500mb For N1 Flash Sale Deal Is Now Live

    N1 get simo 500mb data
    Simo flash sale data
    N1 get simo 500mb data
    N1 get simo 500mb data
    N1 get simo 500mb data
    SIMO Flash Sale: How To Get SIMO 500MB For N1 [2020]
    For those having supported devices, you can now purchase Simo 500mb for just N1 and enjoy the simo data for 15days validity period.

    The best payment method is via the flutterwave ussd code or via flutterwave card or bank transfer. 

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