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Simo 10GB (10000mb) For N1 Flash Sale Is On and Here Is How To Get Yours

Activate simo 10gb for n1 on Tecno Camon16

Tecno Camon16 premier simo flash sale n1 for 10gb 2020

Welcome again to Droidvilla Tech and here today we shall be showing you how to activate your Tecno Camon Premier 16 and get to purchase simo 10gb data for N1 during the flash sale deal period.

simo n1 for 10gb
simo n1 for 10gb

    On our most recent post about simo, we made known to you on how you could purchase Simo 500mb for as low as N1 during the flash sale week which lasted for over 2 weeks, and here we are again to show you a more better deal from simo, and this time around, you are getting a whooping simo 10GB data for just N1 during the Tecno Camon16 simo flash sale deal of 10gb for N1. 

    Without further ado, the simo 10gb for N1 flash sale deal is specifically for the Tecno Premier 16 device only and this was made known to us directly from the official twitter handle. You can get to see the tweet below from tecno concerning the Tecno Camon Premier 16 Simo 10gb flash sale for N1.

    So without further ado, lets get straight to the business of the day and that is how to activate the simo 10gb for just n1 on the simo app after purchasing the Tecno Camon Premier 16.

    Steps On How To Get Simo 10GB Data For N1

    Before getting started you should be sure to have purchased the Tecno Camon 16 Premier to het the simo 10gb flash sale of N1.

    Note that the Simo app comes pre-installed on the Tecno Camon 16 Premier device, so there is no need to download from PlayStore.

    How To Activate Simo 10GB Data For N1

    Here is a step by step guide to activate the Camon16 premier simo 10GB data for N1 in 2020

    • Ensure your data connection is active and with data
    • Now open the simo app on the camon16
    • A pop up banner would be displayed with the deal, but just if you don't see it, tap on the Simo 10gb for N1 banner found on the app after signing in.

    • Once you tap on the banner, you will be automatically redirected to a page where you can purchase the simo 10gb for just n1 only.
    • On successful purchase of the simo 10gb for n1, you will be credited with whooping 10000mb worth of simo data. 
    • Now simply close the purchase page and tap on the simo connect button to het started with Simo internet service.
    • In less tham and a minute you should be connected to the simo service, now all you have to do is simply surf the internet with high simo internet speed. 
    The simo flash sale offer deal of 10GB for N1 is  currently active since the 22nd of September and is expected to end on the 08 of October 2020.

    Also note that the simo n1 for 10gb data offer will last for just 15 days after successful activation of the simo 10gb for n1.

    Don't get to miss this simo 10gb data for n1, if you recently missed the simo flash sale of 500mb for N1.

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