How To Get Free MTN 3GB LTE Data Bonus

Mtn 4.5gb data for N1000
Mtn 4.5gb data for N1000
How about droidvilla shows you how you could get a whooping free MTN LTE 3gb data which sums up to be 4.5gb data for just N1000 monthly data subscription.
As need for data increases so is the search for cheap data subscription plans for mobile network operators. We won't stop until we are bold enough to say we have offered the right and perfect data subscription plans to over 80% of our visitors and family members. 

    MTN Nigeria promises to be the largest and fastest Network provider and as this, we have got a cheaper monthly data subscription on the MTN network which was noticed today after the initial purchase plan of N1000 monthly subscription for 1.5gb data.

    Just after purchasing the monthly data subscription of 1.5gb at N1000, I was credited with 1.5gb and additional 3gb LTE data bonus. Was surprised at first on how i got a bonus of 3gb for just N1000 data subscription, so I decided to check via MyMTNApp and to my surprise I saw a whooping 3gb data bonus claimed to be 4G LTE bonus to expire in 1Month time. In total subscription, i can say with N1000 I was given 4.5gb data (1.5gb + 3gb=4.5gb).

    Requirements To Get MTN N1000 for 4.5gb Data

    Mtn 4.5gb data for N1000
    Mtn 4.5gb data for N1000
    I will be dropping exactly what I did to get MTN LTE 3GB data bonus + 1.5GB which sums up to be 4.5gb data for just N1000.
    • You need 2 MTN sims, old or new it doesn't really matter (Mine is old)
    • A 4g enabled device and Sim Card
    • N1000 recharge card
    • Two of the sims to be on MTN Betatalk
    • MyMTNApp
    Kindly follow steps below to get mtn N1000 for 4.5gb monthly subscription plan.

    How To Get MTN N1000 For 4.5gb

    Mtn 4.5gb data for N1000
    MTN free 3gb lte data bonus + 1.5gb monthly data subscription
    • Recharge any of the simcards with the N1000 airtime. Now as a Betatalk user, you will be given free N2500 airtime for N1000 top up. Read more about MTN Betatalk
    • Now open the MyMTNApp and login with the sim card you recharged the N1000 airtime.
    • Now on successful login, simply navigate to HOT DATA DEALS
    • Tap on the MONTHLY nav bar and select the first option which is N1000 for 1.5gb
    • Select on "FOR OTHERS"and input the second MTN number into the required field
    • Payment method is set to Airtime (Default)
    • Finally tap on the proceed button and wait for the transaction to be successful.
    Once the N1000 for 1.5gb data gifting is successful, you should get a message on the first line that you have successfully gifted 081****** 1.5gb monthly data subscription and on the other line which is the receiving end, you will get a message which reads "Yello, You have received a gift of 1.5GB Monthly Data plan bundle from 2348130856226. Expires on 01/10/2020 19:49:29. Text 2 to 131 to check balance.".

    How To Get Free LTE 3GB MTN Data Bonus

    Mtn 4.5gb for n1000
    MTN Free mtn lte 3gb data bonus

    Simply dial *131*4# or dial *556# to check your free mtn 3gb LTE data bonus and also you will receive the initial 1.5gb monthly data which sums up to a 4.5gb data subscription for just N1000.
    The simcard you want the 4.5gb data gifted to should be used during the purchase" For others".


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