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Whatsapp upgrades search experience includes video, audio, gif, photos, links, and document search

Whatsapp search updates
Whatsapp Search
Whatsapp Upgrades Searching Experience, Added Music, Audio, Video, Gif, Document, Links and Photos search section on the latest whatsapp beta update.

As spotted by us, we have gotten to see the new redesigned search experience for whatsapp beta update as noted on the list of few new updates whatsapp was working on, following our previous Whatsapp update post.

It was further noted that whatsapp was planning on 6 New Features Update expected to be Coming out to beta tester users Soon, which includes Vacation mode, Customisable wallpapers, Dark theme improvements to WhatsApp Web, Group call updates, Security advisory website, Doodle improvements.
Whatsapp search updates
Whatsapp Search Update
The latest whatsapp search experience is aimed at giving out exact search results, and to specify what exactly you are searching for.

Imagine wanting to search for a particular photo meme and you can't actually remember the exact DM or group that sent that particular meme you are looking for, so with the new search experience and update, you can simply tap on the photo option just immediately you tap on the search icon, to go through all images on your whatsapp messenger application.
Same thing goes for a voicenote/audio, documents, videos, photos, links and gifs.

The most interesting of them all is the search for link, so  you certainly can't get to miss an important promotional link or educational link sent to a group or privately. The link search is just perfect you, you can see all links histories and select the one that matches with your search input request.

You can visit Google PlayStore to update the whatsapp Beta update application to see what it is new on the latest whatsapp search experience update.
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