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No More Truecaller Needed As MTN Launches WhoDeyCall Service That Helps Identify A Caller

Now you can get to know a caller on MTN even though the person contact isn't saved.

MTN WhoDeyCall Service
MTN WhoDeyCall Service 

With the launch of MTN WhoDeyCall Service we can say there is No More need for Truecaller As MTN WhoDeyCall Service Helps Identify A Caller even though that contact is not saved on your device. 

For those who always get scared of Truecaller with the mentality of the app stealing their personal information, obviously you can get to try the latest MTN WhoDeyCall service which is aimed at revealing any caller identity calling your MTN line. 

    Truecaller users can as well get to know more about the MTN WhoDeyCall service as it does similarly things. The MTN WhoDeyCall service doesn't just only identify unsaved contacts on your line, it also shows blocked, unknown and spam phone numbers to keep you safe always.

    With the MTN WhoDeyCall service, we can boldly say it is way better than any other caller identity application out there as it requires no internet connection to perform its main purpose, and that is to reveal caller ID.

    Unlike truecaller and other caller identity applications out there that requires a standby internet connection to operate, this is way a disadvantage to the application and the main plus to that of the MTN WhoDeyCall Service

    Just as truecaller isn't free and requires a gold subscription to perform optimally, the MTN WhoDeyCall service isn't free and however feels way cheaper and affordable. Considering the main purpose of the MTN WhoDeyCall service, we can bet it is worth the fee. 

    MTN WhoDeyCall Service Subscription Plans

    The MTN WhoDeyCall service definitely has three subscription plans which includes as follow

    1. SC1 (24 hours)
    2. SC2 (7 days)
    3. SC3 (30 days)

    How To Activate MTN WhoDeyCall Service 2020/2021

    The MTN WhoDeyCall service can be subscribed to via Using USSD or Text Message (SMS). So whichever suits you right at any given time can go.

    How To Subscribe To MTN WhoDeyCall Service Via SMS

    To subscribe to MTN WhoDeyCall service via sms, kindly send below keywords to 5058.

    • SC1 –Subscription last for 24 hour and costs N5 Only... 
    • SC2 –Subscription lasts for 7 days, and costs N30 only.
    • SC3 –Subscription lasts for 30 days, and costs N50 only.

    How To Subscribe To MTN WhoDeyCall Service Via USSD

    To subscribe to MTN WhoDeyCall service via using USSD, kindly dial below USSD code on your app dialer.

    Simply ∗5058# to subscribe to MTN WhoDeyCall service and proceed to choose available options as show below. 

    1. First option is a daily subscription plan which costs NGN5.
    2. Second option is a weekly subscription plan which costs NGN30.
    3. Third option is a monthly subscription plan which costs NGN50.

    The MTN WhoDeyCall service is available for everyone, postpaid and prepaid customers. For sure their is no eligibility form, everyone on the MTN network is eligible due the MTN WhoDeyCall service.

    How To opt-out or Unsubscribe From MTN WhoDeyCall Service

    To unsubscribe from the MTN WhoDeyCall service, simpl sms  STOP  to 5058, or you use the USSD alternative to option out of the MTN WhoDeyCall service by dialing ∗5058#, then you reply with option 4.

    How To Activate MTN WhoDeyCall Free Trial Service

    MTN is also offering a free 7days WhoDeyCall trial service, which lets all customers in the network to test the WhoDeyCall service without having to pay a dime. You can activate the MTN WhoDeyCall free trial service by sms FREE to 5058

    You can further stop the free trial service by sending an sms with keyword STOP FREE to 5058

    Note that the MTN WhoDeyCall free trial service is a one-off. So by sending the sms keyword to 5058, you will be deducted with N30 from your line.

    How To Change/Edit/Modify My WhoDeyCall Caller ID Name

    To change or modify your WhoDeyCall Caller ID Name, simply sms your preferred to 5058 via SMS app. Example: Droidvilla to 5058

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